What To Expect From Your Rev-A-Shelf Vanity Fold-Out Ironing Board

A sleek design, a wonderful concept, but is the Rev-a-Shelf Vanity Fold-Out ironing board right for you? Today we’ll be discussing this model in depth and what consumers had to say about it.

The Rev-a-Shelf Vanity Fold-Out ironing board is designed to fit in a drawer when not in use, and as the name suggests, fold out of the drawer when needed. The user must simply open the drawer of a vanity or cabinet, pop the ironing board up, lock it into position, and they’re ready to slay some wrinkles! Bragging a lightweight but durable design, the Rev-a-Shelf board claims to be the perfect solution for the space-challenged home.

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Rev-A-Shelf VIB-20CRConstructed of steel mesh and protected by a padded cover, this product is undoubtedly durable. Providing that you have a drawer to spare that fits the necessary minimum dimensions (14-1/4″ W x 20″ D x 4″ H), no matter how small your home is, you have room for this. Long gone are the days of heavy wooden boards that are over four feet long, the Rev-a-Shelf model is a mere 37″ long and 14″ wide at its thickest point. And it DISAPPEARS into a drawer. Poof! Once the drawer is closed the board is gone! That’s what I like to call engineering magic.

Sadly, the Rev-a-Shelf board isn’t without its flaws for certain ironers. The design, while sleek and innovative, prohibits the user from fitting pants and shirts over the end for a more through ironing. This is due to a set of mechanisms at the base of the board attaching and locking it to the drawer. Other products similar to the Rev-a-Shelf Vanity Fold-Out ironing board have worked passed this flaw; designing a similar model with a drawer face that folds down. For people who iron 2 to 3 times a week or more, this particular brand of hideaway ironing board may not be perfect for your needs. People have also complained about the difficulty of installation, it taking half of a day or more with hard to comprehend instructions.

So who will this product benefit? Perhaps someone living solo in a small studio apartment with light ironing needs, or someone who only irons their clothes for special occasions. The sturdy and sleek design will help save space tremendously while meeting your basic ironing needs. I wouldn’t recommend this product to a mother who irons clothing for everyone in her household, she would probably get very frustrated with the limiting layout due to the locking mechanisms. But for a person looking for a space-saving design and doesn’t iron too much, the Rev-a-Shelf Vanity Fold-Out ironing board is designed just for you. So say goodbye to wrinkles and bulky boards and say hello to the ironing board that fits in your drawer! Happy ironing, friends! >>Click here to buy the Ironing Board from Amazon