Wahl Color Pro Haircut Kit #79300-400 Review

The latest from Wahl is Wahl Color Pro Haircut Kit #79300-400 is an amazing haircut kit that is designed to make you look stylish, in an easy and simple manner. With the Wahl Color Pro Haircut Kit 20 piece, you can have a complete haircut of professional quality, but at you can do it from the comfort of your paying. Now you don’t have to pay an exorbitant amount to look stylish when you easily do it at home!

Check price of Wahl Color Pro Haircut Kit #79300-400

Wahl 79300-400Wahl Color Pro allows you to cut your hair, trim your mustache and beard, as well as your sideburns. You can even do a bit of man-scaping at without having to pay professional for it. If you are looking for a multipurpose trimmer/ clipper then Wahl Color Pro is the best option for you.


Wahl Color Pro comes with many incredible features at an amazing low price. These include:

•   Distinct colors for each comb
•   The handle has color codes for easy reference
•   The haircutting kit has 20 pieces
•   The steel blades are high carbon, self-sharpening and precision ground. This helps the blades stay sharper for longer.
•   The trimmer has a soft touch grip. It allows you to have improved control and comfort.
•   The kit allows for total body grooming

Hair combs

There are 12 color coded combs in varying sizes so it everyone can find the comb that fits them best. They snap on and off easily and are of a very good quality. The colors on the clipper match the color of the combs so you can get your settings straight.


The carbon steel blades are very have sharper edges than steel blades and are also very durable. They are strong and do not require oiling after each use. There is a bottle oil of with the clippers so it is better to use a few drops on the blade from time to time to maintain their high quality. The blades can easily come off by taking off a few screws so they can be oiled and washed easily.

Power and cord

Wahl operates using a cord of 6 feet, which allows for good flexibility. You don’t have to worry about charging it again and again.


The haircut comes with a number of useful accessories:

•   12 different size styling combs that are color coded
•   A bottle of blade oil
•   Blade guard
•   Styling comb
•   Barber comb
•   Pair of scissors
•   Storage case with handle


These are the main pros of using Wahl Color Pro:

•   High quality clippers, solid and long lasting
•   Easy to use and durable
•   Useful color coding
•   Range of useful attachments
•   Powerful enough to cut hair
•   Doesn’t make a lot of noise while its being used

Wahl Color Pro Haircut Kit #79300-400 is an easy to use haircut with all the useful and necessary accessories. It is excellent for hair trimming. The price is incredibly for such an amazing kit. Users can save a lot of money with excellent results.

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