Ultra Mini Travel Steamer Review

Stay sharp and look your fabulous best always, thanks to this on the go Ultra Mini Travel Steamer. Don’t let the wrinkles in your clothes put a damper on your travelling fun, eliminate fabric wrinkles in a breeze thanks to your new handy steamer.

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Ultra Mini Travel SteamerUltra Mini Travel Steamer Features

The advantages of having a travel steamer are virtually endless especially if you need to look great and make a good impression.

The steamer is durable and handy as a travel steamer as well as to use within the home.

The Ultra Mini Steamer is absolutely user friendly, simply plug it in and thanks to its speedy heating action, it may only take up to 30 seconds to heat and be ready for steaming action.

It is durable and powerful enough to use as a home steamer to tackle even more steaming requirements such as furniture or car upholstery.

Due to the temperature of the steam, it easily tackles sanitization of your home as well as deodorizing of garments and household items.

The little steamer should not be underestimated as it has the ability to remove creases and wrinkles to delicate and heavier fabrics.

•   Dimensions: 3.5 x 5 x 8 inches
•   Compact design allows for easy storage
•   Water capacity is less than a litre, hence not too heavy nor bulky
•   Comes with attachable accessories
•   The Ultra Mini Travel steamer has a 2 metre tangle resistant cord

Design Features of the Handy Ultra Mini Travel Steamer

The steamer’s compact size is a sure plus and is not called a travel steamer for no reason. It easily fits into your travel suitcase or bag and comes with its own drawstring bag for storage.

The handle is easy to grip and comfortable.

The lightweight of less than 1kgs makes it easy to use even when filled to the max with water.

It can easily be filled with regular tap water and can be used in just a matter of seconds.

You can interchange between the 5 suitable attachments that comes with the product, and the 2metre cord allows you more freedom to steam your items with ease.

Product Design

•   Tangle free cord
•   Small and compact
•   5 interchangeable heads allows you the freedom to customize your steaming duties
•   Light weight

Pros and Cons of The Travel Steamer

The design of the steamer allows it to easily be stowed away into a suitcase or travel bag. It features a lengthy 2metre tangle resistant cord.

If not held upright it could scald you whilst steaming and the water will leak out.

The travel steamer is a must have for any individual, whether you need it for your home or exclusively for all your travel requirements. Don’t travel or leave your home without your new favourite travel buddy. >>Click here to buy the Fabric Steamer from Amazon