Thule Passage Mount Carrier Review

The Thule Passage Mount Carrier is a strap that enables you to securely carry your bikes. It is a rack that safely gets attached to your trunk and possesses six alterable nylon straps. It has vinyl-plated buckles at the last part of the straps, which firmly holds the carrier to his/her car without any scratches. Immediately the car has been secured to the frame, the FitDial hub should be used for perfecting the fit.

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Thule Passage Trunk Mount CarrierA larger scope of bike frames like the little child frames SoftCushion are usually held by the narrow cradle arms. The hatch and trunk are usually protected by pads, while the bike frame is securely helped and cushioned by padded rubber cradles. When Arms are not in use, they fold down.

The Thule Passage Mount Carrier can be easily and quickly installed and it has great features for many cyclists. Its design is suitable for about three to two bikes bundled at the extreme end of a vehicle. The carrier arms can be detached and attached by the push-button and it is possible to twist them to the side and down by the same push-button so that they do not block your way when you are not using them.

The Thule Passage Mount Carrier also has, as parts of its features, soft rubber cradles, whose functions are to lock down bikes without disallowing it from total alteration towards the arm of the bike. There are also no-sway cages which exceptionally reduce the movement of frame so that your bicycles can be prevented from any form of collision.

The Thule Passage Mount Carrier offers to your vehicle, a highly stable fit that has six straps, a greatly looking standard black finish on all vehicles and a highest carrying magnitude of 70 lbs. The alterable FitDial feature offers to every vehicle a perfect and fast fit.

Thule PassageUsually, a fit is not needed for Trunk Mount Carriers, and their installation is easy and bikes are offered easy access through them. This is why they are frequent, especially among new cyclists, but at times, they turn out to be the most awkward alternative on the road, because they sometimes cause contacts between bikes and vehicles or bikes and bikes, and these lead to a parking hassle. But with The Thule Passage Mount Carrier, these issues are done away with, because it possesses no-hassle, no-sway usability. By this device, trunks and hatchback seams are promptly secured with several tracks and has special features for its setup. One of these features is the wing alterable knob together with a FitDial combo that both have endorsed numerical regions for certain vehicles. This reduces the error and trial contained in how the laying of the carrier against your automobile should be. Once this best fit region is endorsed, the easy-to-turn wing alterable knob locks into place.

The Thule Passage Mount Carrier has a box which contains all the warranty information, instruction guide, needed straps and hardware for mounting.

Thule does not offer any warranty for accidents, cosmetic rust, scratches and the defects that usual wear and tear causes. Every strap system and accessory made by Thule is under warranty that the product is owned by an original retail buyer.

Thule Passage Mount Carrier

Thule Passage Mount Carrier








        • Soft rubber cradles protect bike frame while holding it securely
        • SoftCushion pads protect trunk and hatch
        • Six strap system secures rack to vehicle