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T3 voluminous hot rollers are a style apart in the beauty industry. Having won awards such as Martha Stewart Big Day Beauty Award in 2013, Allure Best of Beauty Award in 2014 and Elle Genius Award in 2014 the hot rollers introduced by T3 have turned out to be immensely effective and result oriented.

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T3 73701The whole set consists of 4 normal sized rollers and 4 even larger in size. This helps in creating curls that aren’t too small and suit nearly everybody and can be made in any party or event. Provided with the Tourmaline technology and a ceramic core T3 is positive that this advancement will help the rollers achieve popularity and good reviews. The Tourmaline technology heats up each of the ceramic cored rollers to about 250 degrees Fahrenheit in just 5 minutes.

The cooling is also pretty fast. This temperature control has been established by utilizing an appropriate amount of voltage each time to heat up the ceramic core. Resultantly, the core doesn’t lose any temperature and transfers it on to the velvety surface instantly thus making the curls very easy to produce. The hot rollers are ideally suited for creating high volume, textured wavy curls in a brief duration of time. They are also ideally suited for longer and thinner hair. Moreover the resultant shine is somewhat a signature of the T3 technology. In addition to the rollers some extra features in the set include: 8 Spring-Loaded Clips; Charging Base; Auto World Voltage (100-240V); Detachable Cord; Luxe Storage Tote; 2-Year Warranty; Replacement rollers can also be ordered separately.

Again as for any other product let us discuss the pros and cons of T3 Voluminous Hot Rollers. Like any other product in the same league, they have a detachable cord and a velvety flocking which helps the hair curl smoothly and promote their safety. Moreover the heating time of the rollers is pretty short; just 5 minutes. An indicator light is also provided on each of the roller which turns white when a certain set temperature is reached. The price is a bit on the higher side but it can be looked over when one compares it with the rollers’ durability and long term reliability.

Another reason for the durable nature of the T3 Voluminous Hot Rollers is its detachability which avoids the damage of the whole unit. On the whole this set of rollers doesn’t have any drawback instead they are great for travel (being detachable) and immensely reliable.

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