Best Swing Sets | Top 5 Swing Set Reviews

#1.Backyard Disvoery Skyfort Cedat Playset

This Backyard Discovery Skyfort Cedar Playset will have kids in the great outdoors for hours, enjoying sunshine and fresh air, and getting plenty of exercise on all the great features this play set has to offer. The Backyard Discovery Skyfort Cedar Playset combines a multitude of exciting activities for children to play on all day long, ensuring they never get tired of using their imagination to play with their siblings and friends.

#2.Backyard Discovery Saratoga All Cedar Wood Playset Swing Set

The Saratoga is an all-in-one play yard that features a lower level clubhouse, two-person glider, a monkey bar, an upper play deck with wood roof, flat wooden steps, 8 feet super safe speedy slide, covered activity table and bench. As one of the most popular swing sets designed for backyard fun for kids, the Saratoga Swing Set is staked with a play deck above a clubhouse to provide kids with that fun twist they longed for.

#3.Kettler Trimmstation Swing Set

This is a metal swing set that comes with unlimited fun for kids. It has a vertical ladder for ease of climbing. For maximum fun, it also comes with climbing rope, pull-up bar, monkey bars and board swing. Hence, apart from the swing board that is the main attraction, kids have the options of playing with the ladders, monkey bars and the pull-up bar.

#4.Lifetime Heavy Duty A-Frame Metal Swing Set

Children have plenty of energy so setting up a fun space for kids to play outside is one of the ways to encourage them and make them get the exercise they require. It also helps to keep them engaged. In an era of TV cartoons and video games, outdoor play has become more important. Though kids are naturally active, today there are numerous temptations that keep them indoors. Getting them to use their bodies actively and play outside on a regular basis will keep them happy and healthy. You can make outdoor play more fun for your kids by providing the Lifetime Heavy Duty A-Frame swing set for them to play with. It is safe for any age and durable.

#5.Flexible Flyer “Triple Fun” Swing Set

Kids spend more time watching TV these days. Electronics can provide children with education and entertainment, but children also need active play as well. Outdoor play and exercise can significantly improve a child’s focus during learning along with many other important benefits. And most importantly, children who are active are physically and mentally healthier. Active play promotes development of strength, balance, and motor skills. And also interacting and playing with other children helps improve the child’s social and communication skills. Playing outdoors on a swing set can open a world of imagination for young children. They can be flying high up in the clouds in one minute and climbing to the top of a forest canopy on a swing on the next.

Buying The Best Swing Set

Childhood obesity is increasing at a startling rate. This is partly due to poor eating habits but also to a lack of satisfactory exercise. Thirty years ago, children played more outdoors, allowing them to get the needed exercise, unlike kids, do today. With the ever growing technological developments, things like cable TV, the internet and video games often keep a child interested in stay indoors rather than exerting themselves physically. This means more time is spent sitting on the couch and much less time given to outside playing. It is recommended at the very least children get 30 minutes of exercise each day, and parents should insure this happens. Adding a swing set to you backyard is certainly one way this can be accomplished. Some types of swing sets can be assembled yourself, with virtually no experience necessary.

The type of swing set selected is up to the parent. Swing sets can be modified or enhanced by adding specific features such as a tire swing or climbing ladder. These swing sets may be put together yourself no matter how many extra features you decide to include in your package. The majority are not that difficult to assemble and can be done with basic tools you probably currently have. Instructions are included, so all you have to do is examine the illustrations to see where each part needs to go. If you are simply unable to assemble the unit yourself, then most swing set suppliers have a number that you can contact for a professional to come over and assemble it for you. However, most swing sets are manufactured in such a manner that even a layman should be able to put it together.

You will need to however, decide on certain things whenever considering purchasing and building your own swing set. One of these decisions is figuring out whether you want your swing to be made from wood or plastic. This would be in fact a rather important decision as both have their own advantages and disadvantages while it might seem trivial.

If you opt for plastic, then you are choosing a material that requires little or no maintenance and can be easily cleaned and wiped down. Additionally, plastic is a lot less expensive than wood and is also safer as you don’t have to worry about your children getting cut from a splinter. With that, plastic will have it’s disadvantages as well. After a few years of being exposed to the sun, plastic will start to fade in color. Also, plastic limits as to what extras can be added which means your not able to include anything other than a playhouse, swing, and slide.

Now when considering wooden types of swing sets, they are naturally more beautiful, have many functions and look more natural in your backyard. The wood has a tendency to blend with the surroundings and is the option to go for if you want your swing set to double as outdoor decor.

Unless forced, most children do not even thinking about going outside to play as they usually have some game or device, they would like to play with that keeps them amused. As any good parents must do, likely finding something outside they would enjoy is your best option to get them out of the house and to play outdoors. A swing set will do just that as it will be a fun way kids can get the required daily exercise. A substitute for staying cooped up inside. Having the kids planted in front of the television set doesn’t have to be the only option when it comes to their amusement. With a little encouragement, they will be more inclined to spend a little time each day to play outside.