Sony NEX-VG30H Handycam Review

Finding the right camera at the right price is often quite tasking. Combining all the features you may need such as functionality, picture quality and affordability may often be hard to do. However, getting a good camera gives you years of quality filming and recording. Most cameras come with different functions and lenses, so you need to be extra careful in order to select the camera that suits the job you may need it for. Also, users seem to better appreciate cameras that are easy to handy and manipulate with a single hand. This is especially the case for camcorders, as it is one of the original features of the early camera designs.

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Sony NEX-VG30HThe Sony NEX-VG30H Handycam is one of the best camcorders on the market for its size. Whilst it comes across as a little bit pricey for most people, it still manages to give the user the benefits of changing lenses and a very large censor, which helps to create cinema quality video. The camera also comes with a 16.1MP HD CMOS sensor for better cinematic HD video. It also allows for direct power zoom with enhanced speed control. Its black sleek body is suave & easy to hold and is average in terms of weight.

Main features

The Sony NEX-VG30H Handycam comes with a number of impressive features, including:

•    16.1MP APS-C HD CMOS Sensor for cinematic HD video

•    Direct power zoom capable of variable zoom speed control

•    Sony E-mount 18-200m OIS image stabilized zoom lens included


•    One of the greatest advantages of this Handycam is the fact that the lens is interchangeable with the E-mount and Alpha-mount lenses.
•    The camera also gives the benefit of cinematic storytelling with ‘depth-of-field’ control
•    Its large sensor also delivers superb video and photo quality
•    The Handycam also does quite well in terms of audio capture. Its surround audio capture is quite impressive for its size.


•    The Sony NEX-VG30H is quite expensive, especially if you are looking to buy additional lenses.
•    Another major disadvantage is the fact that the older and cheaper version (VG20) has been discontinued. This makes it the only edition available.
•    The camera also tends to be quite cumbersome for one-handed use.
•    The camera also presents some audio focusing noise with some types of Alpha lenses


Apart from the added zoom control which comes with the Sony VG30H, the major difference between this camera and others within its category is its price. Also, the fact that getting additional lenses would increase the price further tends to discourage people looking to purchase the camera. However, the Handycam has some pretty impressive features coupled with a suave look and feel. The NEX camcorder line has always been appreciated by customers, but a large number of customers would prefer if the older and more affordable version was not discontinued. It also provides a solid alternative to those users who feel shooting with a DSLR can be uncomfortable. The camera functions like any regular old camcorder, with the added advantage of changing your lenses whenever you want.

Sony NEX-VG30H Handycam

Sony NEX-VG30H Handycam





      Ease of Use



        • Its large sensor also delivers superb video and photo quality


        • The Sony NEX-VG30H is quite expensive, especially if you are looking to buy additional lenses