Slick ER701 eReader with Binder Case Review

Bring an avid reader,stuffing books in the shelf was always a challenging job. The books end up in terrible state and places, in the car, under the bed, in the living room and everywhere I find place to keep it. After being fed up of this job, I searched for a perfect solution, and here is what I found.

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Slick ER701The Slick eReader had all I want, a portable library with a big screen and long lasting battery. It can store books, music, video and pictures. The external memory slot makes the storage even more wide. And that binder case is so user friendly to avoid from scratch and breakage.

It has a 7 inch colored display of high resolution. One can access clear, sharp and big pictures as well as read exerting less pressure on eye. The screen is glare resistant and scratch proof to a great extent. It is fun reading from it, due to less hassle and with buttons to turn pages and work.

The next big feature is that it supports both Mac and PC, so no conflict between the two. Either you are an Apple user or a Windows user, you can easily transfer files in the system. The support for ePub and TXT files is very convenient for use.

The storage is huge. It’s like I own a library. We can access books from Kobo eBook website and read around 2 million books. Also multitask, read and listen to music. Just relax with your favorite music and read your favorite book. Life was never that easy.

The battery life is fair. Around 7-8 hours of continuous use if a lot and you can easily recharge with Lion battery. No one reads for straight hours unless you are a book worm. So it can easily extend to around 12 hours. This means 2 times charge in a day and you can access everything you want in a library. The buttons too are easy and comfortable to operate upon.

However, the main issue is that whenever it reboots, there is no auto recovery. The last saved page would open, not the one which was being red. This is frustrating.

Other than that, there is no manual to support the product, and it freezes if multiple options are pressed.

It doesn’t support wifi service. This means it’s not the current generation model. Also, it does not support many formats such as RTF etc.

To sum up, a good device with huge screen, extra storage, good video player, light weight, compatible with MAC and PC, fair battery life but it faces blow in freezing up and no manual support to help ourselves.

Slick ER701 eReader with Binder Case

Slick ER701 eReader with Binder Case





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        • 2GB internal memory holds up to 2000 books