Samsung F90 Camcorder Review

Samsung most probably designed the F90 camcorder for simplicity and pocket friendliness much more than anything else. The device does pack features that can best be described as modest as well as one or two other standout capabilities.

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Samsung F90Features

The main features of the F90 camcorder include 720p video recording, 5MP still imaging, 52x optical zoom (which really stands out) for shooting videos and images from considerable distances. It makes use of Samsung’s own CMOS censor that is known for producing rich and natural colours.

Backed by a 3.8 watt hours Li – ion battery, it has the juice for recording moderately long events like basketball games, weddings and the likes.

It also includes a 2.7 inch LCD screen that supports wide angle viewing, which makes it perfect to clearly view your shot from the side, or with the camcorder raised above your head.

Video recording can be paused and picked up again at any time to resume recording, Time Lapse footage shooting capability also present.

The Samsung F90 camcorder supports SD card storage which provides options for sharing media with pc or other devices that support SD cards. It also has an instant sharing feature – all that is needed is to connect the F90 camcorder to a pc via USB and videos can be uploaded to YouTube immediately with the push of a button.

Also included is a HDMI port for connecting to televisions and monitors to display saved clips and images.

Another feature which Samsung thinks might interest users is the My Clip feature. This feature involves tagging specific moments in a recorded video clip as favourite and easily jumping to those points without going through the hassle of rewinding or using fast forward.


Perhaps the main edge the Samsung F90 camcorder can claim is its pricing. It is cheaper than many other devices in its category.

Battery life is better than satisfactory, and it can handle everyday camcorder stuff quite capably with up to 100 minutes of usage.

Low light shooting with its sufficiently wide F1.8 aperture lens.

It 52x optical zoom must not be ignored too, this is its major standout feature which makes it possible to shoot videos from far away, Samsung even claims that while zooming in, the dedicated still image shooter chips in to enhance the quality of the final image produced.


The 720p video recording is not good enough. With smartphone cameras being able to shoot 1080p videos, 720p on a dedicated device like a camcorder is quite underwhelming. The same can be said of its 5MP still images shooter, but since it will be used mostly for video recording, this shouldn’t be too much of a problem.


The Samsung F90 is more of a budget device, as is evident in its specs, but it does pack extra features that will give other camcorders on the market a sufficient run for their money. It is a pocket friendly device that will handle personal usage very well.

Samsung F90 Camcorder

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        • Battery life is better than satisfactory