Rowenta IS6300 Master Valet Full Size Garment and Fabric Steamer Review

Get your garments neat and wrinkle-free with the Rowenta IS6300 Master Valet Fabric Steamer. Now you can say bye-bye to unsightly creases without the need to take out the iron and ironing board to do time-consuming clothes ironing. With this handy Rowenta IS6300 Master Valet Steamer, you can enjoy effortless steaming of your clothes and items such as curtains, furniture and carpets.

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Rowenta IS6300Product Features

The Rowenta IS6300 Steamer showcases superb power crease removal even on tough wrinkles, it effortlessly and efficiently steams out the wrinkles fast. It gets to work even on heavier fabrics.

Sanitizing and Odour Removal Characteristics – The Rowenta IS6300 also has great sanitizing features because of its heat action in the steaming feature. Sanitize your upholstery, drapes, beds, pet areas, furniture and even delicate garments.

It is easy to assemble so that you can start using your steamer in minutes and start enjoying great results.

Who Can Make Use Of The Rowenta IS6300 Master Valet Fabric Steamer?

The Rowenta IS6300 can be used in the commercial and domestic industries because it is durable and able to withstand heavy de-creasing situations. In commercial use, its great for quickly tackling some wrinkles on display items in stores, and at home, it can be used as part of your routine de-odorizing, home cleaning and clothing steaming.

Product Design

•   The IS6300 Steamer is easy to use and to manoeuvre as it rolls from one point to another with its easy tilt-and-roll feature
•   The steamer also has a handy, easy to reach on-off switch that can be operated with your foot
•   The steamer has a large, clear, removable water storage container of just over 2ltres so you can monitor water levels and enjoy around 1hour of steam time
•   Roll and Press allows you to utilise the flat back of the machine to iron your clothes, garments as you would an ironing board but without having to unfold it into one. Rather you simply hang the clothing item over the Roll and Press section and then steam your garment.
•   Large steam head covers a large surface area
•   Accessories include a lint pad, fabric brush and steam bonnet
•   Built-in Garment Hanger also allows for easy steaming of items
•   Weighs 7.3kg
•   Dimensions 19.5 x 12 x 16.9 inches

Product Pros and Cons

The Rowenta IS6300 Steamer is easy to use, lightweight and user friendly; however, in some instances the steamer’s hose tends to get tangled when steaming the hems of garments and in some cases garments tend to become damp after the steam session.

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The Rowenta IS6300 is a great steamer to have in your home and it will cut the time taken to straighten and neaten those clothing items, plus all its other beneficial features. >>Click here to buy the Fabric Steamer from Amazon