Rancilio HSD-ROC-SD Rocky Coffee Grinder Review

Rancilio HSD-ROC-SD Rocky Coffee Grinder is perfect for both commercial coffee houses and as an average household item. Among the features of the grinder are the following: a variable adjustment control grinder that comes with 55 different settings, a 0.65lb capacity tinted hopper, 166 watts motor, as well as the capability to grind directly to a portafilter, along with its 50mm commercial-grade burs.

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Rancilio HSD-ROC-SDWhen talking about the size, this coffee grinder can be considered as slightly bigger compared to most options. It comes with a dimension of 9.8” x 4.7” x 13.8”, with a hopper capacity, which is above the average. This product is quite intriguing particularly for lovers of coffee who want to have their coffee quick while making sure that quality is not sacrificed.


When it comes to durability, there is an assurance that this coffee grander can last quite a long time. As a matter of fact, according to experiences and feedback from buyers, it has a quality that can reach about 15 years. This longevity comes as a good result of its construction. It only uses standard quality materials. This model’s out casing is very sturdy while its burr grinder is also designed with particular attention to specific details in consideration.

Overall Performance

This coffee grinder comes with 55 settings. This only means that getting a higher degree for your coffee selection is just something that you will love on a day to day basis. On top of that, in grinding the coffee beans, it is very important to have precision. This model is the perfect option when it comes to this aspect. This is also perfect for brewing expressos.

Strengths and Assets

The hopper of Rancilio HSD-ROC-SD Rocky Coffee Grinder can deal with 0.06lb of coffee beans at a single time. This is just higher than the average. Having this capability is beneficial because it can avoid you from re-filling. This can also save you time when you may be running so late for any activity.

It also comes with several grind settings. In fact, it has 55 different grind settings, which are relatively higher as compared to the usual 18 settings from other models of coffee grinders. Also, you will certainly be spoilt when talking about different taste. A lot of users also respond that the Rancilio HSD-ROC-SD Rocky Coffee Grinder’s espresso making capability is the best.

The Rancilio HSD-ROC-SD Rocky Coffee Grinder is a versatile coffee grinder option. This quality makes it great for both residential, as well as commercial use. It can save you money because of its durability, which can last for a good period of time. If you consider yourself as a coffee enthusiast, you will certainly love its 55 built in settings.

Rancilio HSD-ROC-SD Rocky Coffee Grinder

Rancilio HSD-ROC-SD Rocky Coffee Grinder



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        • 50mm commercial grade grinding burrs
        • Grinds directly into porta filter for simple operation
        • Powerful 166-watt direct drive quiet operation motor