Product Review For Exide Edge Fp-Agm24 Flat Plate AGM Sealed Automotive Battery

Exide Edge battery is a battery meant for cars. It has been proven to be a very powerful battery, and has the ability to last for a long time. The battery seems to be the second most popular vehicle battery and it’s worth the small investment. This battery has within it sure-life graphite technology. Sure-life graphite technology claims to have maximized the available energy capacity which allows the battery to perform longer at high levels. The battery is manufactured by Exide, with FP-AGM24 as the reference number.


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Exide EdgeExide Edge battery apart from its standardization in quality has the following description, which made it stands out from other conventional batteries. The length is 10.19 inches, width – 6.75 inches, height – 8.63 inches and weight – 46.50 Ibs

Other accessories that make up Exide Edge battery are:

•BCI Group Size 24F
•Connector – SAE
•Rating Who – 720
•Capacity – 60Ah
•Chemistry- Lead Acid
•Reserve capacity- 120
•Cranking Amps- 32 degrees F: 850
•Cold Cranking Amps – CCA 0 degrees F: 710
•The size and build of the battery is very sturdy and versatile.

Main features

The main features of this unique battery are as follows:

•It has a greater capacity to handle heavy loads placed on them better than other car batteries.
•It does not spill because it is constructed with AGM technology.
•Across life test like heavy use stop and go traffic that requires high electrical demands; it performs exceptionally better than other conventional batteries.
•It excels in one of the toughest automotive stress with proved sustainable performance.
•120 MIN RC at 25A; 710 CCA.
•It weighs a bit more than forty-six pounds.
•It can run for more than one hundred and twenty minutes at a time
•It has a run off of 25 Amps
•Main benefits derivable from the use of Exide Edge battery can be summarized as follows:
•By having a high CCA at 710, it allows for start-up in extreme and harsh weather
•Using Exide battery protects against battery failure
•It is compactable and easy to install in any vehicle that it is made for.
•It is easy to identify fake ones, as the reference number and manufacturers name are boldly written on them.
•Another benefit is tons of power for the battery regarding its price range.
•Very easy to mount and stabilize in vehicles
•With Exide Edge AGM battery, running a demanding sound system or some other application in the car is not a problem, as the battery can handle it with ease.

Cleaning and maintenance

The cleaning and maintenance of this battery are so easy following the listed instruction:

•Clean regularly with clean, dry cloths once in a week. But for exceptional cases, clean after moving through a very dusty environment
•Change the battery oil regularly
•Follow the guidelines on the manual during installation.

Exide Edge AGM battery has a warranty period of 4 years from the manufacturer

Here is the view of some of the users

•I bought it with the ideology that it’s like other conventional batteries, which last for few years, but I have been using mine now for over five years and it still works fine.

•It was very easy to install and its durability is perfect.

•With this Exide Edge battery, all my car applications work without hick ups.

Exide Edge FP-AGM24F Flat Plate AGM Sealed Automotive Battery

Exide Edge FP-AGM24F Flat Plate AGM Sealed Automotive Battery



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        • It does not spill because it is constructed with AGM technology
        • It weighs a bit more than forty-six pounds
        • It has a run off of 25 Amps