Poulan PRO PR270 Review

Getting the right snow thrower for your needs starts with just how much snow comes around each winter. For home and business owners, having a solid, high quality snow thrower offers considerable advantages as it creates a safe foot path for those on sidewalks and driveways to get around.

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Poulan PRO PR270Poulan is a brand that is very well respected. In addition to providing lawn and gardening equipment, they also have a line of snow throwers. The Poulan PRO PR270 is one of the latest from the company that has build a considerable reputation for high quality products.

However, does this latest entry live up to the Poulan name and provide the type of features needed to work in snowy conditions?


The emphasis of the PRO PR270 is the robust design, but it does offer a number of solid features that makes it a versatile machine.

-208cc Poulan Pro Engine
-Remote Chute Deflector and Rotator
-27” Two Stage
-Electric Start
-2 Year Limited and 4 Year Engine Warranty

In addition, there are improved performance ribbon augers, 12” auger diameter, 15” x 5” tires w/lug tread, adjustable height handle, and comfort grip loop handles that offer single hand control.


There are a number of benefits that this particular device offers starting with the robust design that operates even in deep snow.

Single Hand Control: This is a very important benefit as you can operate the device easily even with just one hand. This means that virtually any adult can operate this device and maneuver it around sharp corners to get rid of the snow.

Electric Start: You do not have to pull the string in order to get the machine started. This is another advantage for those who do not want to mess with a pull-cord, although the device does start very easily.

Work Under Harsh Conditions: The overall design of the Pro PR270 is that it keeps operating even against the elements. This means that the components are protected from the snow and the wind when operating which makes it a highly versatile device.

There are very few, if any disadvantages to the device apart that it does not work very well in snow deeper than a foot, but you can say that about many snow throwers. Otherwise, it is a very well made device that works in most snowy conditions.


Overall, the Poulan PRO PR270  is a superb snow thrower that is built to be robust and durable so that it works time and time again to clear away the snow. For business owners, this is the perfect device to clear entranceways and sidewalks so that customers can safely reach your door. For home owners, you can keep your sidewalks and driveway clear in minutes using this remarkable snow thrower. Plus, it’s perfect for almost any adult thanks to the easy, one-handed driving system.

If you are looking for the right snow thrower for your needs, then the PRO PR270 from Poulan is the one for you.

Poulan PRO PR270

Poulan PRO PR270



    Snow Clearing Ability





        • Single Hand Control
        • Work Under Harsh Conditions