PORTER-CABLE C2002 WK Oil Free UMC Compressor Review

Not everyone is looking for a colossal compressor which is able to deliver a bizarre rate of air. Sometimes you just need something portable to help you get all the things done in less amount of time. After detailed market research and anticipating consumer needs, Porter Cable has come up with a compressor which goes by the name PORTER-CABLE C2002-WK Oil-Free UMC pancake compressor with an amazing 13 piece accessory kit.

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PORTER-CABLE C2002 WK Oil Free UMC CompressorThe compressor is highly efficient in slanting quick compression and its capable motor imparts augmented functionality. This pan cake shaped compressor is capable of handling most of the household repairs without any trouble. The compressor is available is pan cake style with not sharp edges which ensures a safe use for customers and  it guarantees some household tasks  like nailing, spray painting and inflation. Let’s look into the specifications and features of this handy-dandy piece of equipment:

Portability – This nifty compressor is exceptionally light in weight, only 34 pounds. The product’s dimensions are 18.3*18*19” which makes it easy to transport. This compressor is more than qualifies for filling tires or firing nails and many more.

Durability – The best thing about this compressor is that it is extremely efficient and durable all at the same time. This little piece of hardware is able to function at 3.5 SCFM for a quick recharging of its 6 gallon tank. This compressor caters the need of customers looking for long lasting equipment.

Features – The 120-150 psi pressure tanks conserve more air inside it enabling it for longer functionality.

Its 2.6 SCFM which is estimated at 90 psi, permits a fast recovery time for the compressor.

The compressor is capable of starting at a very low voltage supply because of its 120 voltage motor.

This compressor comes with an oil free pump which does not require a lot of maintenance and it ensures a long period of satisfying performance.

Motor size and power – The compressor is armed with a durable motor which is extremely powerful and easily replaceable. The motor is capable of “soft starting” which means it requires very less electricity for starting and doesn’t apply load on other household equipment. It is exquisitely designed portable motor built to perfection for the ultimate consumers.

Bonus Air Feature – The motor of the compressor is not affected by large pressure drops in any circumstances because it comes with a 120 PSI pressure cutting and high air flow regulation, and a 30 PSI “Bonus Air” is an added perk to its protection.

Accessories – The product comes with all the compulsory parts such as a 25 foot nylon hose, quick coupler, Teflon tape, blow gun, tire gauge and plugs.

With all the positive aspects of the products there are some of the downsides of it too.  To some customers the product came in with bad luck, in spite of its exquisite features the customers had a bad experience and claimed its manual to be worthless and the compressor becomes noisy at times.

This pancake compressor is small, highly portable and a powerful device and it can help in day to day renovations. It is easy to use and definitely worth considering.

PORTER-CABLE C2002 WK Oil Free UMC Compressor

PORTER-CABLE C2002 WK Oil Free UMC Compressor





      Tank Capacity



        • Air coupler and plug are factory installed on the air hose to save user labor and to prevent leaks
        • Equipped with a durable oil-free pump for long life and no maintenance