Philips Norelco QC5580 Diy Hair Clipper and Balder Review

Everyone looks for convenience and comfort when looking for shavers, trimmers or any other do-it-yourself products. When looking at the options, they compare each and every feature and their needs to pick out the best combination for their hair. For options regarding shavers and balder, special care has to be given to safety since the product is used at the areas very sensitive to problems or prone to danger.

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Philips Norelco QC5580The Philips Norelco QC5580 Diy Hair Clipper and Balder is a shaver without cord intended to hold hair flawlessly trimmed and under tight restraints. Shaving is a very common phenomena, it is one of the usual tasks that needs to be done quick and clear with delicacy and softness.

As a very early shaver, I have been shaving my head since a long time, so I’ve experienced a lot of electric hair trimmers and scissors throughout the years. Having a very delicate skin, I had to take precautionary measures while using any shaver, be it electric or manual, because it was too uncomfortable affair for me.  I tried my luck on Philips Norelco QC5580 DIY Hair Clipper and Balder after looking at a really decent illustration. Surprisingly, I was very satisfied and loved the product quality and service.

The stainless steel blades are sharp yet aligned to perfection for a smooth and easy shaving experience. Moreover, the shaver head rotates to an angle of 180 degree to help reach to the missed out areas. The two comb attached is also a great plus to adjust the length of the hair. Also, the made is completely skin friendly to avoid cuts or scratches during the process. Now, we do not need to move our hands and tilt in uncomfortable directions to reach untapped areas, the shaver does the job easily.

Moreover, it can be adjusted to all level of skin thickness, so no need to replace products or accessories to adjust to different setting. Furthermore, there are two shavers which enable to give short or direct access to skin making it pain free and with no irritation.

But the trimming guard looks thin. There is a possible chance of breaking it or chipping it if touched on a hard surface. This needs to be looked into carefully, however the other features surpass this small detailing.

It has a very long lasting battery as well charges very quickly. The Lithium Ion battery can run for an hour, which is a very good time as compared to other clippers. However, the light only blinks when the battery is low or it is on charging mode, not highlighting the level of charge.

Overall, the product is handy, portable, easy to carry and use, skin friendly, light weight and have a storage bag. All in all it is perfect product for home and abroad. Easy during travelling or in a hurry, just work clean and wash in a very comfortable and casual way. Philips Norelco QC5580 Diy Hair Clipper and Balder is a perfect product for a very frequent user like me.

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