Philips Norelco BeardTrimmer 3100 Review

Are you tired with the constant trip to your barber or hair stylists? Do you want to tame your beard and keep yourself presentable at all times? Are you looking for a best beard trimmer that does not cost you an arm and a leg? Philips Norelco BeardTrimmer 3100  is the very grooming unit that you have been searching, which surprisingly comes with a good warranty period.

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Philips Norelco BeardTrimmer 3100Philips offers you an affordable yet perfect beard trimmer which comes with 10 built in length settings to suit most men’s grooming needs. You can adjust the trimming length from 1 mm to 10 mm through a click adjustment wheel. This wheel can be locked to prevent accidental change while trimming your facial hairs and help you get an even trim at all occasions. Philips Norelco BeardTrimmer 3100 comes with a cutting width of 32 mm which is considered the perfect width for trimming beards.

BreadTrimmer 3100 is equipped with self sharpening blades, round trips and combs that, make sure that you do not experience any kind of allergic reactions. Since the trimmer blades are made out of Chromium steel, they are highly durable and retain its sharpness for a long time. It requires minimum maintenance and you do not need to oil the blades.

Philips Norelco BeardTrimmer 3100 runs on rechargeable battery. Philips never compromises on the quality of battery. It uses AAA size NiMH unit and the trimmer can easily run for up to 45 minutes with a single charge of about 10 hours. It also comes with a small LED which shows when the unit is on charging and when the charge is complete.

Philips has made sure to make this product comfortable and easy to use. It can easily be carried around the world and has the added advantage of being voltage compatible with electric systems ranging from 100v to 240v. Moreover, the Philips Norelco BeardTrimmer 3100 has an ergonomic design which ensures that users do not experience any kind of pain in handling the trimmer for an extended time.

Although, this trimmer does not run in the water but it comes with a detachable, washable head. Thus, you can simply wash the head under the running water and rinse the device for easy cleaning.

Philips is offering BeardTrimmer 3100 with a 45 day risk free trial and two year warranty. Apart from the 32 mm full size electric trimmer, the package includes power cord, beard comb and cleaning brush. Thus, Philips has yet gain captured the market with its incredible beard trimmer. It has managed to keep up with its brand image and give the consumers a trimmer that not only is skin friendly but great for facial hairs. You now have the freedom to maintain your facial hairs in the length you desire with this incredible 10 built-in length setting facial trimmer. Choose to look good with Philips Norelco BeardTrimmer 3100!

Philips Norelco BeardTrimmer 3100

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