Panasonic Arc4 ES-LA63-S Electric Razor Review

Depending on the type of beard you have, it is quite a task to find a shaver that will perfectly suit your skin and is handy for yourself. When it comes to beard shavers, men don’t compromise on the quality and ideal shape. Panasonic Arc4 ES-LA63-S Electric Razor is the ideal shaver for a comfortable and easy shave. Panasonic Arc4 is a men’s 4-blade cordless shaver. The unique shape of Panasonic Arc4 ES-LA63-S is specially designed for a smooth and clean shave.

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Panasonic Arc4 ES-LA63-S Electric RazorThe Panasonic Arc4 ES-LA63-S with men’s 4-blade cordless shaver has a unique feature of wet or dry convenience. This means that you can use the trimmer for dry shaving operation or either it can be used in wet condition with the foaming gel for a smooth shave. It is also one of the optimal electric razor for sensitive skin type as the 4 hypo-allergic stainless steel blades and foils will cause less irritation.

To provide you with the best comfortable shave, its pivoting head gives the uniform motion which can make it move easily with every single corner of face, from neck to chin and jaw line to cheeks. As the name says “Arc”, with the help of this Arc foil, it makes the head move in the circular motion and with the 4-independantly floating blades; it is also easy go with the contour of the entire face. Moreover, the 30-degree nanotech angle stainless blades trim the beard from the base to give the face a perfect look.

The quick cut and irritation can also be eliminated with the linear motor characteristic of the Panasonic Arc4 ES-LA63-S razor. The cordless electric shaver comes with the advanced quality of linear motor which runs at a speed of 14,000 rpm to deliver clean and fast shave with any damages to skin.

The long beard and its shave is also one of the common issues among men. Yet, Panasonic Arc4 ES-LA63-S is suitable for long facial hair as the slit foil easily grips the hair giving them a fine cut. The battery life and the peak performance also add value to the working of this electric razor. It will maintain the excellent speed till the last point of the battery which shows its consistency.

Another benefit of the razor is its lock property. Yes, the lock property is especially for those users who travel and to put them at ease, the company has fitted a locking system already. The travel lock system adjusts to the needs of the user. Moreover, for travelers, it is also one of the best things to be carried along because of it having a universal voltage conversion feature. The electric razor can adjust itself with the voltage of different countries.

It has been recommended by the manufacturers to adjust the electricity consumption according to the voltages of the place. And it should be kept away from the reach of kids as the blades can be proved dangerous. The device is only for intended use.

Panasonic Arc4 ES-LA63-S Electric Razor

Panasonic Arc4 ES-LA63-S Electric Razor








        • Wet/ Dry Convenience
        • High-Performance Linear Motor
        • Slit Foil for Total Coverage