Odyssey PC680-P Battery Review

The Odyssey battery has a combination of extreme power and performance, which makes it the perfect choice for a range of applications. It’s built in such a way that it can handle any constant pounding that comes with the territory; whether land, sea or snow territories. It is well packed with pure lead plates and non-spill AGM design.


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Odyssey Pc680-PThe pure lead plates of the Odyssey Battery means more power to it, and this extra power is two times more than the life span of other conventional batteries. The structure of the battery comes with pure virgin plates that ensure it is optimized for recycling, maximum surface area, absorbed glass mat (AGM), high conductivity, tin-plated brass terminals meant for corrosion resistance and spill-eliminating design, robust inter-cell connections to prevent damage to vibration and safety relief valve per cell.

Main Features

•    Dimensions
Odyssey Battery is 7.3 inches * 3.1 inches * 6.7 inches and weighs approximately 15.15 pounds.

•    Sporting Choice
The Odyssey battery product is a great choice for power sports applications like Motorcycles, Personal Watercraft, Gyrocopter aircraft, Snowmobiles, ATVs, and Ultralight aircraft.

•    More Plate Surface
It beats spiral-wound. It is packed with 15 percent more plate surface area into the case, compared with spiral-wound batteries that are of equal sizes.

•    Battery Power
The Odyssey battery delivers more power and 40 percentage more reserve capacity, with a special feature of dead space between cylinders in six-pack designs.

•    Vibration Resistance
The Odyssey battery also comes with vibration resistance, which is a design that protects it against mechanical vibration and high impact shock. In other words, it is tolerant to extreme temperature.

•    Long Life
The battery also has a 70-percent longer life cycle than the conventional deep cycle batteries. It has up to 400 cycles and is 80-percent more in-depth in discharge. This gives it stable high voltage for longer periods of time.

•    Efficient Recharge
The amazing product has the highest recharge efficiency of all sealed lead batteries. It is capable of 100 percentage recharge within 4 to 6 hours. It is a non-syllable designed product that mounts flexibility.

Maintenance of the Odyssey battery is quite easy and is highly recommended that once the battery is used, it should always be recharged, and the voltage should be checked every six months to ensure that it is fully charged. It is advisable that a maintenance charger is used because this ensures that the product gets the longest life possible. In a situation where the battery is frequently used, the best way to maintain it, apart from using a maintenance charger is to disconnect it from any loads, make it fully charged and stored it on a shelf until the next use.

The 170 CCA feature of the battery gives the product an extensive warranty. The product saves consumers time; money and aggravation and have a limited 2-year warranty for a full replacement, a long service life of 3-10 years.

Many of the consumers who have used the Odyssey battery say they have used it for many years, and that it is an excellent product with high cranking amp, and that is a great battery for heavy electrical loads.

Odyssey PC680-P Battery

Odyssey PC680-P Battery



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        • The Odyssey battery delivers more power and 40 percentage more reserve capacity
        • The Odyssey battery also comes with vibration resistance
        • The battery also has a 70-percent longer life cycle than the conventional deep cycle batteries