Mio Alpha Heart Rate Monitor Sports Watch Review

Mio’s Alpha Heart Rate Monitor Sports Watch is unlike the usual heart rate monitors. This is because it does not need to be worn around the user’s chest. It is a wrist watch which is makes it more comfortable. It has features which help improve and simplify the training experience of its users by providing continuous heart rate monitoring so users can keep track of their training.

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Mio AlphaSpecifications:

This heart rate monitor watch is available in black and white colors with a silicon strap. It has a display lens of mineral glass and a 12 hour clock display. The watch gives a maximum and minimum heart reading, with a maximum heart reading at 220 beats per minute and minimum heart reading at 30 beats per minute. The battery is 170 mAh Lithium Polymer and is rechargeable. In exercise mode it can be used for up to 8-10 hours straight.Available with the watch is a USB charging dock with magnetic alignment. The battery can last for up to five years.

The watch is also water resistant which means it can endure long, very intense workouts. To help keep track of the workout, the exact heart rate, time and exercise timer are displayed during the training. The watch can also be wirelessly connected to fitness apps and devices through Bluetooth Smart (4.0). There is one size available for the watch but it can fit wrists from 5.7 to 7.8″.

Special features of the watch include:

Mio’s Alpha Heart Rate Monitor Sports Watch has an advanced technology that doesn’t require strapping to it to the chest to measure the heart rate of the user. LED lights and an electro-optical cell can detect the volume of the blood under the skin. Once the volume has been detected, algorithms are used on the pulse signal to accurately calculate the heart rate, even at high intensity trainings.

Mio Alpha is known for its consistently accurate performance, with 99% EKG accuracy, even at running speeds of up to 14.4 miles per hour. This makes it highly useful professional athletes who have very intense training regimes.

Knowing one’s heart rate can help regulate training sessions and Mio Alpha helps its users to maximize their workout and perform even better. It does this by providing its users with heart rate zones with three LED lights. These LED lights will indicate whether users are in, below or above their target zone at any given time of the training. Thus helping users to effectively stay on track of their training and fitness goals!

The silicon strap of the watch is comfortable and snug so it can easily withstand even the most intense of workouts. It can withstand the jostling and constant motion of the exercise and still provide accurate results.

Mio Alpha is an excellent alternative for those who are uncomfortable with straps around their chests to monitor their training sessions. Mio Alpha gives its users comfort, better performance and a guarantee of accurate results so its users can train to the best of their abilities.

Mio Alpha Heart Rate Monitor Sports Watch

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        • No Chest Strap Required
        • Mio samples heart rate continuously from the wrist
        • Bluetooth 4.0 Compatible