MDF Instruments MD One Review

MD one is a potent professional Medical equipment. I bought this around a month ago and I am totally satisfied with it. It delivers all the features and functions that it promises to deliver. Being a Physician for about 10 years now, I’ve always been cautious about stethoscopes that I use, as chest auscultation plays an integral and vital role in my diagnoses. A malfunctioning stethoscope can undermine your skill and thus prevent you from making accurate analysis. But I am glad that MD one didn’t disappoint me and was worth my spending.

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MDF Instruments MDF777BOThe earpiece is angled right, fits my ear perfectly isolating it from the outside noises and makes my concentration stronger. Acoustic attributes are worth appreciating, the bell and the diaphragm are highly sensitive and together picks up even soft murmurs and bruits with an excellent precision. You can hear all the sound activities of the heart, lungs and GI and have a keen judgment on the analysis. MD one comes with a very affordable price tag compared to other highly branded product that the market has to offer, means it will fit your pocket easily and the best part is its Life time warranty offering.

MDF also offers a Free-Parts-for-Life program, which emphasizes on providing the customers, parts that they need to replace or believe is ineffective. Although the part- warranty is a little bit of nuisance but once it is done, you can send an self-addressed envelope enclosed with the details of the part that you want, and they will send those parts back to you (Though, I never had a chance to use this service as my MD one is working perfectly).

The body is full loss preventive and made of stainless steel. It delivers almost accurate output as it gets in the input. This is very critical when auscultation is done, as I and everyone expects to hear every little detail and would not want it to be lost in the way.

Talking about the durability, it promises a dual-spring construction but it’s been only a month now, so I am not sure about what strength it has to deliver. Although I can say that the bell has a little round plastic piece, which I am not sure can be usable if falls off. Nevertheless, this product serves me well and hopefully is serving others well as too. It’s unparalleled, when comes to an affordable yet efficient scope in the market, so MD one is my first choice and a recommendation to all.>>Click here to buy the Stethoscope from Amazon