Kobo N905-Kbo-B Kobo Touch 6-Inch E Ink Screen Review

Compact, light, and affordable are just a few words to describe the new Kobo N905 e-reader. Sporting a 6-inch screen and a built-in Wi-Fi, the Kobo e-reader might not measure up to its competitors but allows you to read your e-books easily.

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Kobo N905-Kbo-BThe stylishly designed e-reader features a natural and responsive touch screen with anti-glare capabilities that allow you to read even in the brightest sunlight. Weighing 7.1 ounces, the Kobo e-reader is slightly lighter than the Barnes and Noble Nook. The screen has tiny bezels surrounding it making it look attractive and trendy.

The E Ink Pearl Display, present in all new generation e-readers such as Kindle and Nook is a welcomed addition to the Kobo. Readability is clearer with enhanced contractibility which syncs automatically with each new content.

Finding and reading an e-book:

After registering with the Kobo bookstore and downloading the relevant software on your desktop, you gain access to more than 2 million e-books which includes 1 million free titles. The Kobo e-reader offers a selection of books for preview making your choice easy. You also have the freedom to upload books from various other devices and formats including ePUB, MOBI, and PDF.

The touch screen:

The Kobo e-reader touch also allows the users to change the font size and style of the e-books according to their preferences with accessibility to 10 font styles and24 font sizes. Users can also change the pages by easily tapping, swiping, and touching the highly responsive touch screen. The e-ink screen, 800 X 600p screen resolution and the 16 level grayscale enhances the reading experience. The Kobo e-reader comes with a 2 GB memory which can be increased up to 32 GB by inserting an SD card. A single charge of the Kobo reader lasts more than a month so no worries about carrying your charger to a business trip or vacations.

Social Reading:

The Reading Life feature integrated into the Kobo reader tracks your reading stats and also offers rewards for reading and sharing the most quotes on other social media platforms like Facebook and twitter.

The Kobo touch e-reader Black version has a built-in Wi-Fi and USB connectivity which gives the readers instant access to more than a million publications. For those looking for a cheap and a reliable e-reader then the Kobo touch is their best option. The Kobo Touch e-reader allows the bookworms to read anywhere, anytime without distractions.

Kobo N905-Kbo-B Kobo Touch 6-Inch E Ink Screen

Kobo N905-Kbo-B Kobo Touch 6-Inch E Ink Screen





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