Kinetik HC1800 1900A High Current Power Cell Car Audio Battery Review

The Kinetik HC1800 1900A Power Cell Car Audio Battery is a mid-sized power cell that has been specially designed to augment a vehicle’s electrical system and deliver the power reinforcement a vehicle needs. The battery meets any demand, be it current for audio system, compressor, lighting, hydraulics or even a winch.


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Kinetik Hc1800The HC1800 battery is a very suitable product for 1800W car audio stereo systems. It is an absorbed glass mat (AGM) technology, which can be mount in any position. It has an ultra-low ESR and has superior heat and vibration resistance. It is a battery that comes with all the wiring and fusing needed to install a second battery. It swiftly gets the system powered up and ready to go.

Features and Benefits

The Kinetik HC1800 power cell has cranking amps of 3100 and Amp Hours of (AH) 63. Its length is about 10.87”, width 7.10” and height of about 7.77”. Its maximum system wattage is 1800 watts, and the battery has a very high power density. This benefit is made possible through the utilization of special construction techniques. One major advantage of the battery is that it can charge very rapidly, when using a properly regulated voltage supply, and this means quick recovery between rounds. Also, it holds its voltage better under load, and it can easily be discharged down without any damage. The ESR enables it to provide direct current to all one’s amplifiers. Regardless of whatever type of electrical accessories one is running, the HCI800 is an excellent choice, as it has been specially designed to provide the best performance for demanding any car audio applications.

The power cell is built in such a way that it takes beating and keeps on cranking out power. The battery uses a recombination reaction to prevent the escape of hydrogen and oxygen gases, which in regular lead acid batteries, would have been lost.

Regular cleaning of the battery is easy, although it has been designed for minimum cleaning and maintenance. However, these precautionary steps are to be taken for proper maintenance, as recommended by the producers:

– It is necessary to top charge before installation in cases where the cells are below 12.8 volts.
– The battery should not be charged over 14.4 volts, as overcharging it will void one’s warranty.
– It is advisable to ensure that the alternator keeping one’s power cell is fully charged.
– Grounding the alternator to the frame is not recommended, as it can prevent proper charging. For best results, wiring should be run to the alternator.


The battery has a Part Warranty of 1 year and a Labor Warranty

Duration of 1 year.

Several consumers who used this battery were satisfied with its performance. They say it is an excellent battery that does the job efficiently. Those who use it as a primary for their cars say, it is a small and light product with great effects.

Kinetik HC1800 1900A High Current Power Cell Car Audio Battery

Kinetik HC1800 1900A High Current Power Cell Car Audio Battery



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        • Perfect for 1800W car audio stereo systems
        • Mount In Any Position
        • AGM Technology