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Smartphones and tablets have virtually replaced the traditional role of book reading and introduced the newest trend of digital reading. E-book has become popular among the readers, but despite the ease offered by your phones and tablets, there is nothing that can beat the Amazon Kindle book reader. Amazon has added to its range of product with the introduction of a brand new gadget Kindle Paperwhite. Although, the flagship Kindle Vovage is still considered the best from the range but Amazon has made sure to storm its own market with affordable yet sleek new Kindle Paperwhite book reader.

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Kindle PaperwhiteDesign and Display

The new Paperwhite wifi weighs just only 7.2 ounces and the height, width and depth of the device is 6.7 x 4.6 x 0.4. The book reader is incredibly light and can be held by just one hand, giving you a comfortable reading experience. Like the other versions, the power button is still on the bottom. There is LED charging and power port as well alongside with the power button and its soft to touch curvy plastic body has the Amazon logo embossed on the back. The new Amazon Kindle Paperwhite’s look is classic yet contemporary.

The new Paperwhite comes with six inch Carta E Ink touch screen and newer higher resolution display of 300 pixels per inch. Unlike, the display of smartphones and tablets which produces glare and hinders comfortable reading, this device has terrific display and text is incredibly sharp and dark. Moreover, Amazon Paperwhite has revolutionized the whole book reading experience with print in quality display of text. With its build in light and imperceptible pixels, the whole reading experience is superior and similar to reading from a printed page.


For all around fast performance the Paperwhite has a 1GHz processor and an extension to 512 MB of RAM. Although, with just 4 GB internal memory capacity there is no external memory storage option, but Amazon offers cloud storage so you can access your books from any device that has kindle app. Also, there is a new family library feature, which allows you to share your Kindle books with one another.

Amazon has added Goodreads social network in this device and gives you liberty to share what you are reading, update your shelves and follow friends by just clicking on the “g” icon on the toolbar. Paperwhite has won the over other ebook readers by incorporating a new typesetting engine and a new font Bookerly, which amazon claims to be an exclusive font that is specifically crafted for reading on digital screens. The typesetting engine on the other hand displays words on the screen just as the author intended and this feature allows the words to beautifully rendered on a page with justification, character spacing and hyphenation.


It is impossible to explain all the features in detail, but we can summarize this device as the best ebook reader currently available in the market. Although, there are a couple of different versions available, but the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite with wifi only starts with the price of just $99.99. At this price this device is totally worth the buy for all the book readers and Kindle also offers unlimited free book downloads for 30 days. Moreover, there are millions of book titles available for as low as $2.99 or less which is again a great bargain.

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        • Built-in adjustable light--read day and night
        • Lighter than a paperback