KidCo BabySteps Electric Food Mill Review

Since 1992, KidCo has created numerous products for pet, fireplace, and juvenile industries. They have particularly become adept at creating products such as food mills for babies that help parents create fresh food products at a low cost. The KidCo BabySteps Electric Food Mill is one such product that has enjoyed a considerable reputation for being low-cost, efficient, and easy to use.

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KidCo F900Of course, the question is whether the product lives up to the sales and hype?


Since this particular food mill was designed to be quite simple and straightforward, there are actually very few features that it offers.

-Crafted from Tough, Durable Plastic
-Well Tested & Long Lasting
-Damage-Free Installation
-Easy to Operate

Put simply, this particular product is only the food mill itself and does not come with any accessories. It was designed to help parents make the fresh fruits and vegetables into a smooth consistency so that the baby can safely consume the food.


There are a number of advantages that this particular appliance offers for parents on a budget that want to prepare food for their infants.

Low Cost: The Babysteps Food Mill by KidCo was designed first and foremost to be inexpensive while still using high quality materials in its construction. This means that you get a device which lasts for a long time under normal use conditions.

Simple Operation: Just place the fresh fruits and vegetables into the processor and press down to turn it on. Once you release the pressure, the device shuts off. This makes it very simple to operate and you can actually feel when the food has reached the proper consistency.

Durability: Not enough can be stated about the durability of this appliance thanks to the tough materials and simple operation that it provides. For families that are planning on having children in the future, this device is designed to serve their needs in food preparation as well.

There are no real disadvantages outside the design of the product. It does not offer any accessories nor does it allow for any other type of food preparation. It is designed to be a simple, straightforward device that can be used repeatedly and last for quite a long time under normal use conditions. If you are looking for a complete system, this product is not for you. However, if you are on a budget and have ways to store extra food, then you might want to consider this item.


If you are looking for a simple, efficient, durable food processor to properly prepare food for your infant, then the KidCo BabySteps Electric Food Mill is for you. It is not a fancy appliance and it does not include any accessories, but it is very efficient at what it does. You can purchase this product as a backup for the food processor you are currently using to prepare your baby’s food or it can be used as a stand-alone product if you have the necessary storage.

KidCo BabySteps Electric Food Mill

KidCo BabySteps Electric Food Mill





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