Jasper Free Standing Electric Fireplace Review

The Jasper Free Standing Electric Fireplace made by e-Flame USA is impressive in a number of ways. It has a classical front with sparkling flames and is ideally suited for homes, trailers, RVs, offices, garages or anywhere you would like to plug it in.

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The style and the color of the Jasper Free Standing Electric Fireplace match any home décor perfectly. You don’t have to worry about any chimney fires, gas or logs. There are no ashes of a real wood stove needed to be cleaned up either. The fireplace is equipped with an extremely powerful and fan-forced heater which comes with high and low settings for adjusting the fan speed.

There’s a separate dial to adjust the temperature setting. There’s no thermostat. You will find that the faux flames on the Jasper Free Standing Electric Fireplace work with or without heat. There is a supplemental heating unit that allows you to reduce the central furnace temperature and bring the heating cost to a great extent.

Design and Fitting

The design of the Jasper Electric Fireplace is very similar to those of the old cast iron wood stoves that were very popular in the 1950s and 1960s. It fits in well with any traditional setting. The overall color of the fireplace is pleasant. It comes with real glass doors that keep the fireplace clean and offer it the protection that it needs and are scratch resistant too.

You can very easily adjust the brightness of the flame effect. The fireplace is lit using two E12 40W bulbs. The Jasper Electric Fireplace weighs under 30 pounds and has a solid, heavyweight look. It is portable and easy to set up. To set up the fireplace, you just have to screw on the legs and then plug it in to an ordinary household outlet.

Heat Output

The e-Flame Jasper Electric Fireplace generates a maximum heat output of not more than 1500 Watts. The heating unit of the fireplace sits below the main body of the fire. The heating unit can be seen easily but it is not ostentatious in any way. The heat can be adjusted easily with a high and low power setting for the fan. There is an independent setting for the temperature as well. The fireplace can easily heat up an area of 400 sq. feet according to the manufacturers. Most people who have used this fireplace claim that it heats up an even greater area than that. The only issue is that the e-Flame Jasper Electric Fireplace is not the quietest out there, but that’s not really an issue.


The Jasper Free Standing Electric Fireplace is impressive in its simplicity. It weighs only 30 pounds, which makes it one of the lightest portable electric fireplaces in the market. You can easily move it from one room to another. The fan is tucked well underneath the fireplace, which means it stays cool throughout and there is no risk of children or pet animals getting hurt by it. The remote control that comes with the fireplace allows you to adjust the settings easily.

The Bottom Line

The e-Flame Jasper Free Standing Electric Fireplace enjoys a decent rating of 4 stars on Amazon and is well appreciated for the fact that it is highly energy efficient and uses 90% less energy than gas fireplaces. It is easy to use and can be started simply by plugging it into an electric socket. It offers patented 3D effects such as flickering and dancing flames, and improves the ambience of any room. Highly recommended. >>Click here to buy the Electric Fireplace from Amazon

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