Ingenuity InTrust 35 Pro Infant Car Seat Review

I was amazingly pleased with the Ingenuity InTrust 35 Pro Infant Car seat. This is because my baby fit just right in her seat, even though when she was under 10lbs. the infant insert in the car seat did a great job of holding my baby in place and positioning her correctly within the seat. Whenever I use the seat, I move the headrest and harness low enough and her shoulders then barely come above the harness click in the bottom. Although she fixes right in, she still has room between the harness strap and her hips and it keeps her from slouching to the side.

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Ingenuity 60275I have this car seat for my little bubba since she has left the hospital. I like the fact that this seat is only rear facing, has a push button latch connected, has an infant insert included and the cushions have ventilated panels so that my baby wont sweat even on hot days. There is also a very cute little peek a boo window found in the canopy of the car seat which is normally a very new feature in car seats because it is only found in strollers. The only thing I am worried about is that I will have to upgrade to a convertible car seat soon enough because my little baby is growing at an amazing pace. Soon she will outgrow this seat in terms of weight and size.

I am really very impressed with the Ingenuity car seat because of its adjustable features. The head support and the unique harness straps that offer an amazing fit for all small and large infants make this seat ideal for kids with a weight range. What I mean is that I am still using this seat with my baby although she has grown over 32” tall.

The only thing I would say is that I had issues with the installation of this seat in my car but once I was done, the seat has been good to go since then. Because my car had rigid buckle stalks and a flat seat it was a challenge for me to install the seat with the seat belt. Even though I took the recliner foot all the way to the base, I couldn’t set it up. Only when I put in a lot of weight in the back of the car seat’s base, I could get it upright enough for the baby to sit.

This is one of the main reasons why I would recommend people to try installing the seat in the car before they buy it because it has a lot of installation issues and I for one had to go through hell to just install this otherwise amazing car seat.

I would certainly recommend the Ingenuity car seat to anyone who wants a reliable and very sturdy car seat for their babies. This one kept mine safe and will certainly do the same for your precious little babies too.

Ingenuity InTrust 35 Pro Infant Car Seat

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        • The InTrust 35 Pro Infant Car Seat meets or exceeds all federal crash test standards