HoverCam T3 Document Camera (HC-T3) Review

The HoverCam T3 Document Camera (HC-T3) is not just the first, but also the best when it comes to USB document cameras. The manufacturer behind this model has engineered it in order to leverage and maximize the processing power of computers. As such, it no longer requires the expensive and large optical parts that are usually found in standard do current cameras. This has eventually resulted in a new form factor which is portable, compact and all the way affordable. On top of that, with the strength of the manufacturer as a software developer, this model has all of the features needed to be more than just a traditional document camera.

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HoverCam T3Extraordinary Features

The HoverCam T3 comes with the HoverCam Flex software, which has been acknowledged as the best software used on document cameras. It is also one of the reasons why this model is being used in several offices and classroom these days. This means that whether you are recording your lesson, or simply incorporating a scanned image on interactive whiteboard software, as well as a PowerPoint presentation, this document camera can certainly make things easy for you.

It is also equipped with a telescoping neck, instead of a standard goose-neck design. This means that when you are lowering down the camera, there is no need to constantly reposition the item which is located right underneath it. With the standard goose-neck design common with all models, the lower that the camera moves, the farther away from the base it goes. On the other hand, with the HoverCam T3, you no longer have to adjust your document beneath the camera with its mechanical zoom.

High-Quality Image

The HoverCam T3 also incorporates the use of 3MP high-resolution sensor which introduces digitally enhanced, clear, crisp images that are usually found in general document cameras that are thrice the price. At the same time, the actual field depth is large, with the focus fixed. This can only mean that the T3 images can stay in focus even though the hand movements are under the camera, as well as when the arm of the camera is lowered.

The T3 also comes equipped with the patented LiveZoom technology which allows the users too rapidly and smoothly zoom both n and out real-time with just the spin of the mouse wheel. Along with the capability to drag and click on the displayed image when necessary, users can also experience maximized versatility in order to move images, zooming in when doing a presentation or lecture. Most importantly, the software used in the HoverCam T3 enables users to upload videos directly to cloud storage services such as Dropbox, Evernote, Facebook, YouTube and Picasa.

HoverCam T3 Document Camera (HC-T3)

HoverCam T3 Document Camera (HC-T3)





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        • Snap pictures of teaching materials before class and archive documents for reference in high resolution