Hollywood Racks Express Trunk Mounted Bike Rack Review

Carrying your bike with your car without a carrier or rack can be cumbersome and dangerous because you will need to stop at intervals to check if it is still intact or it is loose. Apart from that, your bike can fall off your car and cause a serious accident if another vehicle is right behind you.

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Hollywood RacksThis is where Hollywood Racks Express Trunk Mounted Bike Rack (HRETMBR) comes in handy. It is very useful for conveying two or three bikes safely with your car. It comes in two major variants – The one with 2 bike trunk rack and the one with 3 bike trunk rack.

The major difference is that one can hold up to 2 bikes firmly while the other can hold up to 3. You will find HRETMBR very useful once you follow the installation instructions strictly. Below are its major features:

•   It is easy to fix and adjust.

•   It is designed in such a way that it won’t scratch or damage any part of your vehicle

•   It has already been pre-assembled. You only need to fix it to your car whenever you need to move your bike(s).

•   The rack holds and attaches 2 to 3 bikes to the trunk of your car firmly

•   It has some adjustment hubs and 4 straps for firm fitting to your car.

•   It is designed to fit a whole lot of vehicles. However, you still need to check its fit list to be sure it fits your car before you buy it.

•   To prove that they have confidence in their product, its manufacturers gives a limited lifetime warranty on it


Here are some of its major advantages. It is quite affordable and its usefulness far outweighs its tag price. It is relatively light and has easy portability. Suffice to say it is easy to fit and also easy to use. Since you won’t be moving your bike everyday, the fitting is temporary. You can always remove it after use and re-fix when next you need it.

For a family that has two cars, both cars can make use of it since it is not likely that both cars will convey bikes at the same time. However, this is possible if both cars are in the fit-list of the product.


The major drawback of HRETMBR is that it blocks access to the trunk once fixed. Imagine how cumbersome this will be if you have to stop several times either to buy stuffs into your trunk or drop off some things in it.

Another con is that once you mount the bike, it may partially obstruct rear light, rear number plate or even obstruct the rear view of the driver. Finally, according to reviews, the tightening fasteners on the hold down straps do not hold firmly for long. This makes it suitable for only short trips.

Hollywood Racks Express Trunk Mounted Bike Rack

Hollywood Racks Express Trunk Mounted Bike Rack



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        • It is relatively light and has easy portability