Flexible Flyer “Triple Fun” Swing Set Review

Kids spend more time watching TV these days. Electronics can provide children with education and entertainment, but children also need active play as well. Outdoor play and exercise can significantly improve a child’s focus during learning along with many other important benefits. And most importantly, children who are active are physically and mentally healthier. Active play promotes development of strength, balance, and motor skills. And also interacting and playing with other children helps improve the child’s social and communication skills. Playing outdoors on a swing set can open a world of imagination for young children. They can be flying high up in the clouds in one minute and climbing to the top of a forest canopy on a swing on the next.

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Flexible Flyer 43544TWhat is Flexible Flyer Swing Set?

When purchasing a swing set, there are a few important things to consider and the size of your outdoor space and swing is a very important factor. Your children’s ages and the number of children that will play on the swing set should also be taken into consideration. You need to also consider the overall safety and stability, and the construction materials used for the swing set you decide to select. The Flexible Flyer Swing Set meets all these requirements. It has a powder coat finish and a steel frame style and comes in blue and ivory colors for cool design and style. It is inexpensive, simple, classic, and it provides lots of fun! It features a UV-protected and weather-resistant quality steel frame construction.

Main Features and Benefits

•    Four leg frame (ivory color) with 6 feet midnight blue wave slide and three-midnight blue comfort seat swings

•    Has 180 day limited warranty

•    Has vinyl covered convertible height chains

•    Has two child see-saw and midnight blue seats with holds

•    All the HDPE plastic parts and painted areas have UV protection

•    Weight restriction is an average of 105 pounds per seat. Suggested play age range is 2 to 10 years of age. A maximum of 6 children can play on it if they adhere to the weight restrictions. The total maximum weight limit is 630 pounds.

•    Its assembled dimensions are 122″ wide, 152″ long. 72″ high carton dimensions are 17.5″ wide; 87.5″ long, 10.75″ high carton mass is 70 pounds


•    Very easy to assemble

•    Durable and sturdy for hard play

•    Portable sized swing set


•    This swing set does not have stakes in the ground

•    Several customers have complained that the swing seats are slippery

Outdoor play is a critical part of childhood. Allow your kids to have fun with outdoor toys and exercise with the Flexible Flyer Swing Set. This swing set will brighten the back garden of your home and provide a safe outlet for your children to expend their energy.

Flexible Flyer Triple Fun Swing Set

Flexible Flyer Triple Fun Swing Set





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