Experience Comfort With Household Essentials Fibertech Ironing Boards

Household Essentials Fibertech Ironing Boards are folding ironing boards with an easily adjustable height. Many homeowners have found these ironing boards to be vital household accessories for several reasons. These boards present flat and steady surfaces that are suitable for ironing.

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Household Essentials 974406-1DIUnlike ironing on couches and or beds, these ironing boards go a long way in doing away with the stress and hassle off ironing. One good thing about the Fibertech Ironing Board is that it is wide enough to accommodate any cloth ranging from sheets and trousers to gowns and dresses. No doubt, it will always come in handy especially when ironing small areas. Unlike most other models, the Household Essentials Fibertech Ironing Boards have detachable sleeve board.

As a fire-retardant product, the Household Essentials ironing board has the ability to withstand high temperature levels. It is made of natural plant fibers –the ironing board has got a biodegradable top. When the time comes for its disposal, the board can be easily broken down.

Main features

–    It has a fiber pad (6mm thick) that is made of 100% cotton.

–    An expansive top that measures 18” x 49”

–    An attached hanger bar.

–    Has a cream cover and antique bronze finish.

–    Wide top ironing board with bamboo leg.

–    Adjustable height of about 29.5-36.5.

–    Provides excellent stability with 30mm foot.

–    An Iron rest with heat resistant pad.

–    Stylish and functional.


–    The Household Essentials Fibertech ironing boards are easy to transport because they are foldable.

–    Their expansive tops (16 x 49-inch wide) provide plenty of room for doing larger ironing tasks such as sheets, linens, and long pants.

–    They have adjustable height thereby making it easy for anyone of any stature to use.

–    The Fibertech technology is incorporated in the making of its ironing boards and material with 100% cotton cover and natural plant fiber waste obtained from processing bamboo, sugar cane, wheat and rice.

–    The unique ability to withstand extreme temperature makes the Fibertech material great for ironing. The biodegradable pad can withstand the hottest iron setting and even temperatures that are greater than 204oF.

–    These excellent ironing boards have got a place for freshly pressed items on their fixed hanger bar.

–    It has excellent recycling features.

–    It is cheap.


–    Even after erecting the appliance, there may be need to support the shortest foot with a piece of cardboard or similar object, as it does not always sit level on the floor.

–    The cover are a little bit light.

–    The angle for positioning the iron on the hanger bar can be a potential safety hazard, as it can be wobbly.

With these helpful features and cheap price of a durable Fibertech Ironing Board, it is no doubt worth going for. >>Click here to buy the Ironing Board from Amazon