Epson DC-11 Document Camera Review

Do you frequently need to show a couple of documents and items during class or presentations? With the Epson DC-11 Document Camera, you’ll no longer need your students or listeners to squint their eyes to entirely see what you have to share. It’s also filled with features which make it even much easier for you to talk about all the features of the item you’re talking about.

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Epson DC-11You may be having a product presentation to a wide audience, filled with prospective buyers to appreciate your material. Or perhaps you’re imparting some valuable knowledge for your students to learn. Either way, you’ll always have Epson DC-11 Document Camera to assist you all along.

Epson DC-11 Document Camera’s Resolution Quality

If you’re having a step by step presentation of how to fold or configure an item, you’ll be glad to know how Epson DC-11 Document Camera has a 5 megapixel sensor. It can be plugged into a large monitor for a wider set of audience to see. Should you also need to further document your demonstration, you may take advantage of its 30 frames-per-second video feature.

This Unit Captures A4 Documents

The Epson DC-11 Document Camera has a 12 by 17-inch capturing capacity, with a zooming feature which reaches up to 10 times the size of an area you may need to focus on. Are you a thorough presenter who would like to make sure you’re capturing each important aspect of your document in the best possible way? Then you’ll definitely find Epson DC-11 Document Camera to be quite handy.

Staying Connected with USB, VGA and Composite Connectors

After documenting your materials and taking their very aspects, the Epson DC-11 Document Camera also lets you store your shots via a USB port. If you would like to look back on some aspects of your presentation or even share what you talked about, then you may do so with the Epson DC-11 Document Camera’s interconnectivity features.

LED Lights for Clarity and 1 GB for Thorough Documentation

If you would like to make sure each detail of your presentation gets properly taken, then you’ll be glad about how Epson DC-11 Document Camera has LED Lights to clearly highlight the items you’re showing.

It also has a 1 GB memory storage capacity, so you can be sure to take as many videos of your presentations as possible. The Epson DC-11 Document Camera is more than just a simple projector. It’s your definite ally towards being a total product presenter or teaching demonstrator.

Various features can be further useful as you check out the specifications of Epson DC-11 Document Camera. Know more about the sleek equipment and secure your very own now.

Epson DC-11 Document Camera

Epson DC-11 Document Camera





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