Best E-Readers | Top 5 E-Reader Reviews

#1.Kindle Paperwhite

Smartphones and tablets have virtually replaced the traditional role of book reading and introduced the newest trend of digital reading. E-book has become popular among the readers, but despite the ease offered by your phones and tablets, there is nothing that can beat the Amazon Kindle book reader. Amazon has added to its range of product with the introduction of a brand new gadget Kindle Paperwhite. Although, the flagship Kindle Vovage is still considered the best from the range but Amazon has made sure to storm its own market with affordable yet sleek new Kindle Paperwhite book reader.

#2.Sony PRS-505 Portable Digital e-Reader System

Have you ever thought of saving all your favorite reads to a single device? Are you interested in reading while traveling? Then, Sony’s e-Reader is your perfect companion for an avid reader.

#3.Slick ER701 eReader with Binder Case

Bring an avid reader,stuffing books in the shelf was always a challenging job. The books end up in terrible state and places, in the car, under the bed, in the living room and everywhere I find place to keep it. After being fed up of this job, I searched for a perfect solution, and here is what I found.

#4.Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch eBook Reader

The compact and lightweight e-book reader with a 6-inch touch screen serves its main function – reading – quite well. The device is focused primarily on reading and judging by the profits, there are plenty of people out there who wish to read in the digital age.

#5.Kobo N905-Kbo-B Kobo Touch 6-Inch E Ink Screen

Compact, light, and affordable are just a few words to describe the new Kobo N905 e-reader. Sporting a 6-inch screen and a built-in Wi-Fi, the Kobo e-reader might not measure up to its competitors but allows you to read your e-books easily.

How To Choose The Best E-Reader

Just some few years ago it was a difficult thing to think of a smart and convenient way to interact with data as is the case nowadays. E-readers are here today to stay. Solely because of the numerous comforts they offer. The ability to carry a great deal of electronic data on the go – mostly electronic books on vacation as electronic gadgets like computer laptops, PDFs, Mobile Phones and presently the cold war between tablets, and e-readers make the game of choose to arise. These gadgets have dynamically eased the pain of over loan through the carrying of physical books. Seemingly the laws of demand and supply reveal the prices of e-readers are on a constant decline, giving them the leading position.

With their introduction came in flexibility and convenience, nonetheless, there is variety and only a good knowledge of the differences between can offer direction. It is of great importance then to be vigilant not to buy one which wouldn’t workout for you. This awareness is necessary and good effort to guide you with the right caution and support in the decision making process. Here are things worth considering before embarking on a purchase.

Know that E-readers are a single purpose device, so get the best with most convenience it has to offer. In this light therefore, the very first aspect to consider is your reading capacity. How often do you read? Find out the storage capacity of the E-reader in question, can its memory capacity be increased? Check out the screen viewability, color, screen size, screen reflection (glare) – display properties, as well as the different file types it will be able to interpreted (ePub eBooks, plain text files, PDFs, Word documents, HTML, JPG, the ability to take notes, and lots more). The screen reflectiveness is an important aspect, when you consider outdoors reading – the black and white eBook readers are the best (using E-ink technology) they are sunlight friendly, the screen lacks the reflecting ability to reflect rays and stress the eyes or go blare. The weight and portability, seeing you are to spend a good deal of time reading which you must ensure comfort.

These are integral factors to uphold when choosing an E-reader to purchase. Recently some E-readers have been given the ability to browse the internet with 3G and Wifi connectivity; here we are faced with the aspect of concentration. If you long to concentrate and avoid distraction, then go for the one without internet connectivity. Notwithstanding, the battery durability – how long does it serve after each recharging session – else it runs down at the pick of your outdoor usage. Is the battery easily replaceable or demands the skills of third party? Is there flexibility to transfer fields from it and other devices? Are you keyboard incline, then check the spacing and flexibility.

Within the most popular E-readers are Nook, Barnes and Noble, Kobo eReader, Amazon Kindle, Sony eReader, etc, all possessing different features, capacity and feel. Looked what serves best to you. Check the eBook reader exposed to a rich bank of accessible content. Don’t be in a rush just put in some quality time to browse through their features and the magic of your understanding their difference will lead you on the next step to take.