Disney Baby Minnie Mouse Light N Comfy Luxe Infant Car Seat Review

Are you looking for a warm and adventurous ride for your baby in the world of Disneyland? If so, then grab Disney’s Baby Minnie Mouse Infant car seat.

Pros: light weight, stylish, adjustments, soft and convenient
Cons: Strap cover, handle position
Reason to Buy: Perfect seat for a baby girl

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Disney IC187BZEFeatures

26.5 x 17 x 23 inches in dimension
Side Impact Protection
Light weight
Rear Facing
4-22 pounds, extra 4 pound tiny traveler
Removable head rest and foot care
Foot care
5- point adjustments
Adjustable car base
Airplane mode


I was browsing through possible options for baby girl and found out this cute Disney Baby Minnie Mouse. Loved the polka dots and the inner Minnie mouse look with pink and black combination, the style is adorable and so perfect.

It claims to be the lightest car seat, which is pretty much true, because it is easy to hold and very travel friendly. The little Minnie mouse stays safe with the side impact protection, and can get pampered with the deluxe foot care and the infant head rest.

The installation was easy and convenient and the base sticks very well in the car, almost as set to perfection. Also, there is LATCH and its storage for the protection of the little Disney creature.

Moreover, the adjustments are very unique. You have 5 point adjustments and up front one, so you can position your child without stuffing blankets and towels in the seat. This is a great advantage especially while you are giving something to eat or play, to avoid vomit over.

And yes, it has all accessories for an airplane mode, less weight, handy, mouse ear infant insert, convenient, and adjustable and foot care. Perfect package in travelling mode!

However, there are no strap covers. The little child suffers and feels uncomfortable and pain when the straps are locked. This is very alarming for an infant seat.

Another thing that bothers is the position of the handle. It is at such an awkward position, creating it difficult to handle or carry it. The style of the handle should be comfortable as well as safe to hold the carrier tight and safe.

Overall, the experience and journey for the newbie in this Disneyland will be as enjoying and entertaining as in the real world. It is just a perfect gift for the little girl with safe, convenient and secure travelling. It causes less impact of shocks and bumps and greater comfort with the headrests and foot care. All in all it has style, secure, light weighted, handy and all-purpose car seat for infant ranging from 4 pounds to 22 pounds.

Disney Baby Minnie Mouse Light N Comfy Luxe

Disney Baby Minnie Mouse Light N Comfy Luxe





      Ease of Use



        • light weight


        • Strap cover