Cuisinart DGB-700BC Coffee Maker Review

Everybody just loves to have a cup of coffee in the mornings. For many people, what make a great cup of coffee are both an art and a science which involves several factors such as having the exact temperature when brewing, as well as the quality of the ground beans.

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Cuisinart DGB-700BCThis unit comes with a built-in grinder, which can time itself before actual brewing, thus offering the best quality, and the freshest coffee quality possible. This feature is very convenient, also allowing you to choose exactly the number of cups that you want to grind, brewing the exact amount. This unit can also hold to about half a pound of beans, as well as a moisture resistant lid that can make sure that the beans simply stay fresh.

Coffee experts will often say that a perfect brew usually starts with the grinding process. This model is a machine that has the capability to store your beans, grinding them fresh for each batch that you are making, brewing a perfect cup of coffee. It also uses stainless steel for its conical burrs, producing uniform grounds. It also has three settings on coarseness, allowing you to choose among “mild”, “medium” and “bold”.

According to reviews from previous buyers, even thought this model may not be considered as the perfect option in the market, but it is actually more than competent when it comes to producing the necessary coarseness level for every drip brewing. As a bonus, it can also directly grind to the filter basket.

While there are also a lot of machines that comes with a specific strength of selector features, it has the capability to modulate the rate in which hot water can flow directly through its filter. It results to either an under extracted or an over extracted coffee, but not just a real strength change. On the other hand, it can well modulate the grind coarseness, as well as the quantity needed in order to attain various coffee strengths.

Cuisinart DGB-700BC control panelThe Cuisinart DGB-700BC Grind-and-Brew 12-Cup Automatic Coffeemaker received a lot of positive ratings. Despite the fact that it was manufactured in China, it is equipped with a certain level of sturdiness and heft about this product. It has been designed with wear and tear stability in mind, as it sports a blocky, solid stainless steel frame. The enclosure build is also phenomenal in quality.

Overall, this coffeemaker has a lot of benefits. For one, it comes fully integrated with a conical burr grinder, true strength selection, great grind uniformity, simple quantity adjustment, full automatic brewing and grinding, included permanent gold tone filter, as well as a very sturdy stainless steel construction, all at an affordable price.

Cuisinart DGB-700BC

Cuisinart DGB-700BC



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        • 12-cup glass caraffe
        • Simple operation control panel
        • The price is low