Chicco Smart Support Backpack Review

Chicco Smart Support Backpack has been receiving rave reviews from different sites such as Amazon, Consumer Reports, iVillage, and MomFinds.  And it is for a good reason.  The Chico Smart carries offers an extensive features that are ideal for every busy moms.  It is a decent decision for light climbing and while roaming around the town, like when a busy mom is running some errands. This baby carrier has attracted the attention of fathers who says that it has a bit of masculinity and a rugged look. Most analysts concur its numerous elements make it an incredible pack at the cost.

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Chicco Smart Support BackpackFeatures of Chicco Smart Support Backpack

Chicco Smart Support Backpack weighs at around 7 lbs and measures 18.1×18.9×30.7 in.  The seat is adjustable into three levels that will support your child for long years to come.  The carrier is durable as it can withstand a pressure of up to 40 lbs.  There is a padded strap that will secure your child, and the lumbar padding has the capacity to absorb energy that will ensure that your baby stays relax and comfortable.

The Chicco Smart Support Backpack is designed for all gender.  Children from 1-3 years old can use this free standing baby carrier.  The free standing also makes it possible to unload and load the baby smoothly.  The product is normally sold at around $99.99 which is considerable affordable considering its quality and function.  This baby carrier is something that every parent should have.

Chicco Smart Support Backpack Verdict

One feature that most parents love about the Chicco Smart Support Backpack is its free standing component.  Once they get tired from carrying their baby, they can simply put it down and let it in a free standing position without the need to remove the infant.  The stability of this carrier is remarkable.  It also has an adequate storage space for all you baby needs.  One thing that may confuse you is the instruction on how to adjust the height of the carrier, but after you figure it out, you will realize that it is just too simple and easy.

It is also solid and durable and designed to last for a very long time.  It can carry as much as 40 lbs of weight.   It is lightweight but made from high quality and sturdy materials that will ensure the baby’s safety and comfort.  It has a 1-year warranty on all the gears and materials used.  One thing that becomes an issue to this Chicco Smart Support Backpack is it strap.  Some smaller women are finding it hard to adjust the strap properly; however, it still exceeds their expectation compare to other baby carrier products.

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