Chicco Keyfit 30 Infant Car Seat and Base Review

I would say for me this car seat worked just fine. I have a small car and this is the best car seat that fixes in my compact backseat.  The Chicco car seat and base are great for babies because you cannot really find one that fits a baby well. This one is a very convenient and compact baby seat and definitely recommended by a lot of doctors as well.

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Chicco 06061472500070The balanced proportions of the Chicco car seat and base make it a great choice for a two door car which I luckily happen to have. Another very ideal feature of this car seat is the fact that it comes out easily of the base and fits a number of Chicco strollers too which means you’ve got the benefit of two in one.

The most important reason why I purchased the Chicco Keyfit 30 infant car seat and base was its safety. The seat has been crash tested and it offered extra side impact protection which is a satisfactory feature for a lot of parents. The best thing about this car seat is that it has passed the federal crash test requirements and has been voted for its sturdy design and powerful support for the head and the body.

The infant cushion insert in the car seat makes it ideal for infants and offers extra support to the baby all the while keeping it safe. I used the cushion until my baby turned 5 months. Once he was able to sit on his own unsupported I removed the insert. However once bubs turned 2 years old and weighed 15kgs, I had to upgrade to a new seat.

Another very good feature of the Chicco car seat is that it is plane compliant as well. And this worked just fine for me because I happen to do a lot of traveling and it served me the dual purpose of keeping my baby safe and happy too.

Although safety is a huge selling point for the Chicco car seat, its ease of use is what makes it more popular with parents like me. The base of the car seat is very simple to install no matter what vehicle you have. Also the base comes with an inbuilt storage compartment which makes it easy for you to fit in baby wipes and diapers for emergencies. The car seat can be installed with or without the base and that’s why it is a great deal of ease to use it. Maybe you need to fit the car seat in any other car and you don’t want to take the base out, the car seat will fit easily anywhere without the base. Fully adjustable is what this seat is.

This particular car seat served me just fine for over a year. Although I had to upgrade because my baby outgrew the seat, it was in a perfect condition to be passed on to someone else. I used to wash the cushions in my regular washing machine and they would come clean easily. Required very little maintenance; what else would a mom want.

Chicco Keyfit 30 Infant Car Seat and Base

Chicco Keyfit 30 Infant Car Seat and Base





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