Caruso C97953 30 Molecular Steam Hairsetter with 30 Rollers Review

Caruso’s set of 30 Molecular Steam Hairsetter is something that you long for in your hair styling experience. Extremely reasonably priced and based on a somewhat newer technology, Caruso has succeeded in gaining the interest of the female population at large.

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Caruso C97953The Hairsetting Rollers are based on a process whereby when the rollers are attached inside the curls, steam comes wafted through them. Tiny water molecules in the steam penetrate the hair shaft and form bonds in order to achieve healthy and lasting curls. The Hairsetter has been customized by the company to increase and establish the users’ style and his ease in getting ready every day. Moreover, the rollers are great for any hair type (some of the other rollers in the market are not usable on all kinds of hair) and help in developing a constant shine along with the curly shape. An essential process while using Caruso’s Hairsetter is blow drying the hair initially to evaporate the moisture. This will help in achieving lasting style and perfect spiral curls. Also the waves and curls achieved as a result of setting don’t lose their shape very quickly and can be rolled up into any of the modern, versatile hairstyles.

Caruso has interestingly enough, keeping in view the customer’s ease, included a styling guide which helps in styling and using the rollers. Some other features included in the product package are the comb clips, carrying case, dual voltage option (this helps if you are travelling abroad) and differently sized rollers (6 Petite Rollers, 6 Small Rollers, 6 Medium Rollers, 6 Large Rollers and 6 Jumbo Rollers). The whole product comes in two forms-a traveller’s set and a regular one.

Some other great features include quick heating and in-setting. Extremely easy to handle and the foamy, velvety surface helps in evaporating the moisture and styling very quickly. As explained earlier, the technology invoked in Caruso’s Hairsetter with Rollers requires water. This is the only reason which might affect the durability and long term performance of the equipment owing to the corrosion that might occur. However if cleaned regularly and used carefully the set can last longer and perform pretty well.

Caruso’s Molecular Hairsetting Rollers style the hair amazingly well and the resulting style, volume and curls last for days thus saving your precious time from going to a parlor or anything of the sort. Also they are perfect for any type of hair and remarkably cheap.

Caruso C97953 30 Molecular Steam Hairsetter with 30 Rollers

Caruso C97953 30 Molecular Steam Hairsetter with 30 Rollers





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