California Air Tools CAT-10020 Review

If you are looking out for a professional air compressor then, California Air Tools Cat-10020 can be your best choice. It has been listed in top five best portable air compressors of January 2016 because of its assurance of durability and outstanding pressure ability. This incredible machine has the horsepower of 2 air compressors and its powerful motor can handle any tools driven by the air such as nail guns, CNG machines, spray guns, air drills and air wrenches. This electric device offers its users up to 7 cubic feet of air a minute.

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California Air Tools CAT-10020Most of the air compressors make its presence felt and became a source of public and neighborhood nuisance because of its loud noise. With California Air Tool CAT-10020 you can work anytime and anywhere without the fear of disturbing your family or neighborhood. This incredible machine is super quiet and the whole compressors sits on the powerful shock absorbers which ensures that only 70 decibels of sound is being emitted. While working in an enclosed area, you do not have to take significant noise protection and you can even have a conversation while this air compressor is on run.

This is one of the powerful air compressor available in the market and you do not have to buy two compressors as due to its dual piston pumps, you can easily perform two tasks at one time. Also, this machine is twice faster than other brands and do all kinds of job in least possible time. The best part of this model is that is has no oil in its air pump, thus making it easier to maintain and cost effective. Since, it is pre lubricated, you do not have to worry about changing oils repeatedly. Also, being oil free enables it to pump more air with its smaller electric motor and for better tool operation, it ensures cleaner air.

This machine also offers 10 gallons of air tank which is made up of solid steel in comparison to other brands which uses low quality thin steel sheets. This makes the machine having the strongest body and ensure that you can perform a high pressure job without worrying to cause dents in the body. Moreover, in the price range of California Air Tool CAT-10020 you can have three times bigger air compressor which is ideal for doing jobs in garage, shop or lab.

Although, it weighs about 88 pounds, but since it is equipped with wheels, it is a portable compressor that gives the user the freedom to roll it anywhere to their liking. This also gives an added advantage of transporting and easily storing the machine in store rooms when not in use. Additionally, this powerful machine can operate in as low as 14 amp power supply, putting minimum stress on both electric unit and electric motor. The machine is also equipped of providing pressure of up to 125 PSI and operate at only 1680 RPM.

Thus, this product can be considered as a great purchase because it offers everything that you can expect from an air compressor. California Air Tools Cat-10020 is a reliable, quiet and strong machine that provides a very good amount of stored air. The users have preferred this machine over others because of its portability and being a low maintenance compressor.

California Air Tools CAT-10020

California Air Tools CAT-10020





      Tank Capacity



        • Ultra Quiet only 70 Decibels
        • Easy Start Valve, Allows for a no load start, for a low start up amp draw, Only 14-amps