Brabantia 346385 Ironing Board Review

The Brabantia 346385 ironing board is an extremely well thought out ironing board. The designers must have interviewed a lot of women and men that iron to come up with a simple safe device that really does fit any person’s ironing needs. This is a great replacement ironing board if yours is won out and really a must have for people with small children. This ironing board would be great for people who are tired of burning themselves and their clothes.

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Brabantia 346385Features

Safety – The Brabantia 346385 ironing board has three safety mechanisms that keep the ironer and children from harm. A recessed safety lock keeps the ironing board from falling while in use due to children’s exploring hands. Another lock keeps the board secure while in storage. The iron caddie is metal and welded to the ironing board.

Iron Caddie – A separate small table holds the iron when not in use. Slots in the table allow the user to place the iron in a vertical or horizontal position. The iron caddie makes the Brabantia 346385 ironing board more convenient for right-handed and left-handed people.

Ease of use – The foam padding and the ironing surface are designed so that they do not move. This feature not only prevents burns to the user but eliminates one of the most aggravating things about ironing boards.

Size and adjustability – The Brabantia 346385 ironing board is 18 inches wide and 48 inches long. The larger size is supposed to make ironing large items easier. The ironing board adjusts to four different heights so that users of any size do not get a sore back from ironing.


Size, safety features, the metal iron caddie, the adjustable frame, and the no slip ironing surface are the better features of the Brabantia 346385 ironing board. The ironing board has a 10 year unconditional money back guarantee. The rubber feet have groves all around the entire surface that prevent accidental sliding.

The frame is powder coated. This method of painting is the most durable type of paint available. All steel construction increases the durability of the ironing board.


The iron caddie does not detach. The caddie can be cut off but the manufacturer’s warranty is voided if the iron caddie is removed.

The Brabantia 346385 ironing board is made in Latvia. This may cause delivery problems in some countries.

Some users may have a learning curve in that the board must be stored with the front end of the board down.

Replacement covers are available at an extra charge.

The Brabantia 346385 ironing board is definitely one of the best designed ironing boards. The design really covers everything in terms of utility, safety, and convenience for the user.You can have it by tomorrow if you look for it on Amazon. >>Click here to buy the Ironing Board from Amazon