Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch eBook Reader Review

The compact and lightweight e-book reader with a 6-inch touch screen serves its main function – reading – quite well. The device is focused primarily on reading and judging by the profits, there are plenty of people out there who wish to read in the digital age.

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Barnes & Noble Nook Simple TouchAs soon as you take out your new Nook from the box, you immediately notice how nicely it fits in your palms. Under 8 ounces, the new Nook is lighter than the recent Kindle model. The Nook is all screens and coated with something called soft-touch paint to make it feel rubbery. However, the disadvantage of such finish is that finger smudges show up needing regular wipe downs unless you purchase a cover.

The Pearl E Ink is introduced by Barnes and Noble for the first time in the Nook is similar to Kindle’s e-ink. Providing a contrast range 50 % greater than its previous generations, the Pearl E Ink offers enhanced clarity for black and white texts and images. The page turn rate is also quite swift and requires a refresh every six pages or so.
The Neonode’s zForce infrared technology is built into the Nook offering the users with a touch screen that is responsive to the lightest touch.

The new Nook has a 2-GB built-in storage with a micro SD slot card that can be used to expand the storage till 32 GB. The battery life is quite impressive – lasting up to two months. This means you don’t have to worry about recharging even when out on vacations or business trips. The Nook uses a Texas Instruments 800 MHz OMAP 3 processor which is a little zippier when compared to other e-readers available in the market.

The reading experience with the Nook is pretty simple, the complete screen comprises of your text with your progress being displayed at the bottom. Just click “go to” on the toolbar to skip ahead or see where you are in your current selection. The text options are customizable and feature seven sizes, six styles, and three line spacing and margin choices. For default option, just go to “publishers default”.

Hold down the text to highlight, where you can add notes and look up synonyms and definition of words in the Merriam-Webster’s dictionary. The version of Nook is Wi-Fi only where you can share your favorite passages with friends on various social media platforms.

The integrated book shop is easy-to-use. Search for your books, magazines, and newspapers which are listed based on recommendations by Barnes and Noble from your past purchases. Just a few clicks and your book is purchased. After downloaded, you can easily access your book from the library and the homepage of your Nook e-reader.

Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch eBook Reader

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        • Longest Battery Life - read for up to two months on just one charge