Backyard Disvoery Skyfort Cedat Playset Review

This Backyard Discovery Skyfort Cedar Playset will have kids in the great outdoors for hours, enjoying sunshine and fresh air, and getting plenty of exercise on all the great features this play set has to offer. The Backyard Discovery Skyfort Cedar Playset combines a multitude of exciting activities for children to play on all day long, ensuring they never get tired of using their imagination to play with their siblings and friends.

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Backyard Disvoery 6113Kids will enjoy climbing up and down the large and sturdy rock wall and ladder. This playset includes a fort with an entryway, a balcony, and wooden roof. From here, they can exit out onto the crow’s nest to see far and wide into their backyard. The playsets monkey bars will keep the kids swinging and laughing for hours. Another added benefit to this play set is the swing beam, which kids will adore, and is right next to two additional swings that can be utilized by siblings or friends. The icing on the cake is the ten-foot wave slide that will have kids racing up the rock wall to slide back down again and again.

The main feature on this playset is both the ten-foot wave slide and the rock wall. This dual benefit activity set has exercise in mind when it comes to these two fun filled additions. Kids will get a healthy dose of exercise while climbing up the rock wall (and have a great time doing it) and be rewarded with zooming down the large, ten foot slide. This playset has many great features, but these will likely be enjoyed the most by kids of all ages.

The benefits of the Backyard Discovery Skyfort Cedar Playset are endless. It will provide great socializing for kids and their friends and will help them get in the recommended amount of exercise that they need. They will use their imagination while climbing high in their fort and peering out over the backyard. Most importantly, they will use their imagination to come up with new ways to use all of the amazing feature this playset has to offer. The only criticism that could even be remotely said about this playset would be that the slide does get hot in the sun, but that is the general case with most slides anyway.

A great investment for the entire family, the Backyard Discovery Skyfort Cedar Playset is sure to be on the top of anyone’s “must buy” list for summer fun. Detach the kids from their gaming system, television, and cell phone and watch them explore their extravagant new playset. With its reasonable price, plentiful benefits of fun, exercise, and encouraged imagination, this playset provides fun for everyone and is sure to not disappoint.

Backyard Disvoery Skyfort Cedat Playset

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        • Lower fort with side snack porch with window, snack window and built-in bench