Babyliss FX811 Pro X2 Ferrari Cordless Clipper Review

The Babyliss FX811 Pro X2 Ferrari Codeless Clipper is known as one of the most powerful clipper available in the market. If you are looking for a professional device with high-power engine, then look no more – the Babyliss FX811 with engine inspired by Ferrari is the right choice for all your hair trimming needs. Read on to find out more about the product:

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Babyliss FX811Features:

Powered by the prodigy behind Ferrari, the Babyliss Pro X2 is the most lightweight clipper you can find. The clipper is equipped with the MaxLife Pro Motor which is designed and built for the device in alliance with Ferrari engineers.

The precision cutting blade is coated with titanium to provide you with ease of cutting. The ergonomic design is also beneficial in providing the users with a comfortable grip so they don’t have to worry about the clipper from slipping from your fingers. The patented X-grip blade cuts two times faster than the traditional clippers. You also have the option to adjust the cutting positions to 4 varying lengths to accommodate a variety of styles according to your needs and preferences.

The Babyliss Pro X2 can be used plugged in or as cordless.  The high-gloss finish of the clipper in Ferrari Red color gives an upscale appearance – which you can of course, expect from Ferrari. When you purchase the Babyliss Fx811 ProX2 Ferrari Clipper, you also get a two year warranty on the product.

The Babyliss FX811 ProX2 is a great partner for traveling. It is equipped with dual voltage conversion (100 / 240 v) which is convenient when you are traveling from one place to another.


•   One of the finest clipper for professional use
•   Ferrari style engine!
•   Comes with a lithium ion battery that runs for three hours on full charge
•   The patented X-Grip blade on the clipper makes it easy to cut hair
•   Cord/cordless operation
•   4-position sliding taper control
•   Lightweight
•   Ergonomic design
•   2 year warranty
•   Low-noise vibration
•   100 -240 v conversion
•   Comes with 8 comb attachments to give you the look you desire!

The Ferrari inspired clipper is one of the best out there. Easy to use and lightweight add to its credibility. The blades are also sharp and come with self-sharpening abilities.

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