Best Baby Monitors | Top 5 Baby Monitor Reviews

#1.Infant Optics DXR-5 Portable Video Baby Monitor

Having a reliable product to help you monitor your baby’s activities is indeed helpful. As mothers strive to provide everything that their baby needs, it’s a brilliant choice to buy items that offer quality performance. Hence, if you are currently looking for the best baby monitoring gadget you can use at home, perhaps this review can help you arrive at more informed decisions.

#2.Foscam FBM3501 Wireless Digital Video Baby Monitor

Making sure that you can see your baby as a parent is one of your largest priorities. What that means is that with the right view you will be able to see your baby. The Foscam FBM3501 Wireless Digital Video Baby Monitor – Pan/Tilt, Nightvision and Two-Way Audio with 3.5″ LCD has a 2 way display that will allow your little one to see you, and you will be able to see him. In addition to that, there is a remote control piece that will allow you to tilt the display, zoom in or see any other part of the room as well. There is also a LED Night Vision mode that will allow you to see even in the middle of the night. There is also a temperature control that is built into the monitor that you can also program with feeding and other alert times so that you will always know what is going on with your little one at any given moment.

#3.Graco UltraClear Analog Baby Monitor

It can be tough to keep up with all the related responsibilities for your home. However this does not mean you’re most important, number one priority cannot be watched over. You’ll always need to be right where your little one is, and this is where the Graco UltraClear Analog Baby Monitor comes in handy.

#4.NTM-910YLW – Sony Baby Call Nursery Monitor

The NTM-910YLW – Sony Baby Call Nursery Monitor, will provide you a sound rest even while your child is dozing far away. This Baby Monitor is furnished with an implicit rechargeable battery which won’t exhaust your pocket each time the baby monitor runs out of battery. There is also an indicator which gives you the idea when to charge the battery. The Sound-Sensor lights will tell you about your infant’s activities. You can do your chores in the kitchen while utilizing the NTM-910YLW – Sony Baby Call Nursery Monitor as it is designed to resist water splashes.

#5.VTech DM221 Safe & Sound Digital Audio Baby Monitor

Any parent would certainly agree that it is very important to make sure of the safety of their precious baby at all times. In general, first-time parents are the ones who are mostly worried about the safety of their children, especially during their absence in the baby’s room. If you are a first-time parent, do not worry. This feeling is natural among all parents. In order to ease your worries, it is highly recommended to take advantage of a monitor that can provide you peace of mind, making sure that your baby is safe and monitored all the time.

How To Choose The Best Baby Monitor

A baby monitor is an equipment which gives sound or video feed from one location to another location, hence that you are able to see over your infants and it does not matter where you are. The device has two parts a parent unit and a camera.It could be especially useful for the people who contain a baby sleeping in the next room.They can be notified if the baby wakes up,diaper change or crying for feeding.By having a baby monitor, you can feel relaxed while stealing a nap during day time as you will know when the baby wants you.Fit the transmitter unit with in three to ten feet of the crib,hence that you can choose up each gurgle, wail and sign and place the baby away from the possible danger of strangulation.You can keep the device plugged in by your side and carry it around the house.


If you buy a video baby monitor, you want to know the good distance by trial method to receive clear picture of the baby.These devices such as other items have flaws.Brick walls can weaken the indication, certain wireless household items such as wireless routers, cordless phone may disrupt with the transmission.Video baby monitors which do not using data encryption system could leave others an access center to see the baby that could be dangerous.Digital baby monitors are very secure over the analog monitors because they transmit digital information and create it hard for eavesdropping.


Analogue monitors are cheap, but the sound quality is compromised, they are very less secure.If you like to ensure you can hear the baby when he wakes up or cries, audio baby monitor is good option.They are affordable and compact than video. They give lot of features to do your parenting experience easier.New features such as night vision can save your ass certain times.Think to purchase the device with DECT technology because they improve the level of security through encrypting the transmission of signal.They often provide fair amount of security and certain of them encrypt the video feed and sound by the digital lock feature.It is good to choose one that arrives with low battery alert.

Price range:

Sometime you could miss the baby’s whimper if you are vacuuming or watching TV, a sound activated LED which flashes a light to warn you if the camera take up any noise could a great feature you need the most.Tiny and compact design creates it easy for you to take. With large number of options available in the market, you contain a reason to be confused.Certain monitors will sound an alarm if the baby stops breathing or moving for some period, let you to check on the baby from the office through internet connection. You can buy basic devices at twenty dollars and advanced monitors at about hundred dollars.Video monitors are very costly because the cost range is between eighty to three hundred dollars based on the video quality and new features.Consider all these before you go for shopping.