Ariens 921030 Two-Stage Snow Thrower Review

For those who experience two, three, or more snowfalls every winter, the process of clearing sidewalks and driveways can be quite tedious for home owners and business owners alike. One device that eases the burden is the snow thrower. For many years, Ariens has been one of the more respected names when it comes to these devices and today they offer the Ariens 921030 Two-Stage Snow Thrower.

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Ariens 921030However, does this particular snow thrower live up to the Ariens name?


There are a number of features that makes this particular snow thrower a high quality one thanks to the rugged construction and easy, self-propelled system.

-254cc 12.5’/LB Engine
-120V Electric Start
-14” Steel Serrated Augers
-14.3” Blade Impeller
-2.5x Ice Drill Steel Chute w/Remote Deflector


The features of the 921030 are certainly impressive, but it is the combination of them that makes this one of the best snow throwers of its size on the market today.

Self-Propelled: With six forward and two reverse speeds, the device practically drives itself with little effort on the part of the operator even in deep snow. This means that virtually anyone can operate the device and clear away snow from their sidewalks and driveways quickly and easily.

50’ Throwing Distance: You can really get rid of the snow thanks to the remarkable fifty feet of throwing distance offer by this device. This means that the snow is well off your sidewalks and driveway. Plus, businesses in particular will find it useful for keeping the snow well away from where they operate.

Auto Turn Steering: Usually, one of the most difficult aspects of operating a snow thrower is turning it when you want so that you can start another round of clearing. The auto turn steering system allows you to easily change direction and when combined with the self-propelled motor means that you will not have to put much effort in clearing away the snow.

The disadvantages are very few and far between, but you will need to connect the electric starter with an extension cord so that you can start the device. However, once it is started you will not need the cord again. Plus, there is a pull-start you can use in case there is no electricity nearby. A few customers have stated that it does not operate well in very deep snow, but any snow that is more than a foot deep makes it difficult for any snow thrower to work well.


If you are looking for a top of the line snow thrower, then the Ariens 921030 Two-Stage Snow Thrower is the one for you. It offers all the right features that make it perfect for clearing away the snow from sidewalks and driveways.

For business owners, this is the device that can clear way the entrance in seconds and provides a path for your customers. For homeowners, this is an easy to operate snow thrower that clears a safe path to your driveway or sidewalk, then this is the device for you.

Ariens 921030 Two-Stage Snow Thrower

Ariens 921030 Two-Stage Snow Thrower



    Snow Clearing Ability





        • Auto Turn Steering
        • Self-Propelled