Andis Promotor and Clipper and Trimmer Combo Kit Review

When it comes to shaving, clipping or trimming, everyone looks for a safe and comfortable solution. Be it a man or a woman, they want a solution that is easy to use, convenient and durable. Personal grooming is very important in one’s life, and therefore, people compare their needs with the offerings and pick up the best match along with their budgetary range.  There are some who opts for brands and others who pick which fulfils their purpose well.

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Andis 29115Andis presented this wonderful attractive range of trimmer with all the items needed for a perfect cut. It has 27 pieces with basic instructions to proper professional styling accessories. Isn’t it interesting?

The stainless steel blades are sharp yet aligned to perfection for a smooth and easy shaving experience. The additional combs with numbers help sort out the correct fit for the styling that a person wants. Moreover, the along with the blade clipper there is a wide range of combs with different styles, length and purpose. Brushes for mixing or altering the quantity of mix are ideal for use. Tidy up is simple, as well, with a cutting edge cleaning brush and greasing up sharp edge oil.

A defensive sharp edge protect covers the scissors when it isn’t utilized. Everything hides for capacity in a delicate case. Most essential, a DVD with simple regulated directions to take after for haircutting is incorporated. This DVD gives interesting tips and even beginners and young one can enjoy as well as learn tips and techniques of shaving and use certain tips when they are practicing the instrument.

However, the motor gets hot after some time, which makes it difficult for the person to carry on with the activity. It needs to be given a break in order for the work to continue.

Moreover, the machine is a bit too noisy and does not come out good to ear. Also, for very thick hairs and ingrown the machine does not give a very fruitful result and requires more time and effort to shave or trim the area.

For a quick and easy solution to trim off the hairs, Andris promoter and clipper needs some upgradation and advanced version to come out strong against the competing brands.

Despite its low price attraction, what users want is their purpose fulfilled and a beautiful experience with satisfaction. If the user is not convinced with the offering, this means more work has to be done especially with the product technical issues, because the DVD video for training has a very appreciating response, so is the overall stylish kit, but the trimmer or clipper itself is not up to the mark. Overall, the product is handy, portable, easy to carry and use, skin friendly, light weight but needs some more work to be done to receive much satisfactory comments from the users.

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