ADC ADSCOPE-Lite 609 Clinician Stethoscope Review

I have owned many Littmanns and other high price brands, but what very disturbing for me all the time was the loss of good money due to just some accidental breakdown issues or the product became less potent over time. So I decided not to invest high money on scopes as being an EMT, I only perform general assessments most of the time. I bought this ADC ADSCOPE-Lite 609, influenced by the price tag that it offers and the positive reviews it had from the old customers and to my surprise, ADSCOPE- Lite 609 has performed better to my expectations. Though, I wasn’t sure about the color initially but they look pretty cool.

Check price of ADC ADSCOPE-Lite 609 Clinician Stethoscope

ADC ADSCOPE-Lite 609I genuinely don’t miss my previous high priced scopes when I am equipped with LITE 609. Its sound quality equals a lot of highly priced scope models in the market and gives a price tag that is hard to resist. Although the sound clarity is only decent (Comparatively lower than my Littmann), but serves my purpose very well as I am not a cardiologist anyway. Low frequency response is good, as it has a non-chill bell and sophisticated diaphragm.

The eartips are noise isolating and seal my ears perfectly, especially when I am operating in an ambulance where the background sounds like, engine roars, traffic etc. affects the hearing badly. The Aluminum tubing and the Aluminum chest piece makes it very light in weight (around 3.5oz) and it keeps hanging around my neck whole day and I don’t even feel it, curbing the inconvenience that I had from my previous scopes.

It has no sign of deterioration even if it has been 6 months now that I have been using this, during which it was thrown and stepped on accidentally a lot of times and kept folded in the pocket seldom for longer hours. It is well- constructed and doesn’t feel cheap. It is a solid alternatives to other high range scopes for basic day-to-day and general purposes and it won’t hurt if it walks away, as it is just $20 worth in comparison to Littmann’s Master Cardiology which can cost around $300.

The acoustic ability gap between them is not that much (though subtle murmurs can’t be heard) and Lite 609 does a fine job in serving entry level purposes. So, if you are looking for a cheap price tagged scope and a fine sound quality for basic use, ADSCOPE Lite 609 will not disappoint you.>>Click here to buy the Stethoscope from Amazon